How to Use Lube in the Bedroom: A Simple Guide

Written By Alice Holt
September 12, 2020

How to Use Lube in the Bedroom: A Simple Guide

If you are trying to figure out how to use lube in the bedroom, you are in luck! Check out our guide here on the key things to know. According to a recent survey, the average American has sex around once a week. Most of these encounters could be made even better by using lube or with a company of a charming lady from Preston escorts.

Knowing how to use it adds a whole new dimension to your sex life and opens up many new options for you and your partner. In this guide, we’ll show you when you should be using lube and how to use it. Ready to find out more and start spicing up your sex life? Then read on!

How to Use it During PIV Sex

PIV (penis in vagina) sex is one of the best places to use it. It can help both men and women have better sex. This is particularly the case for women who are going through menopause, as their bodies don’t produce as much natural lubricant downstairs.

Yet even if your body still makes you wetter than an otter’s pocket, lube can make sex even better. For example, the outer labia can often get a little dry, making things uncomfortable for the person penetrating.

Adding a bit of lube here can help make the experience better and make sex more comfortable and easier for both of you. The essence of using lube during PIV is easy. Squirt some lube onto your partner’s penis and some onto your vulva, then go to town.

If you’d like your partner to last a little longer, consider using it that contains lidocaine, which numbs the skin a little. There are many different personal options for lube: look around and find the right one for both of you!

Using Lube During Anal SexUsing Lube During Anal Sex

Lube is very important during anal sex. If you’re hoping to do the backdoor rodeo with your partner, be aware that the butt doesn’t produce any natural lubricant. This means that going bareback with no lube can be very painful for your partner and, potentially, you.

When having anal sex, use more of it than you think you’ll need. Apply it to the penis and the anus in question, or you’re in for the wrong time, especially if this is the receiver’s first time. If you want to try anal, be prepared to use lots and lots of it.

Lube During Foreplay

So far, we’ve talked about using it for the main event, but it can be great for foreplay too. Covering your fingers in lube can allow for faster and deeper penetration if fingering is on the menu.

If you’re willing to get creative, lube can have a load of different uses. If you like masturbating your penis-having-partner, lube can make it even more fun. Having your partner rub warming lubes on your nipples can also be fantastic, naughty fun.

Enjoy the Wonders

We’ve shown you why knowing how to use it is essential. Now it’s up to you to get out there, buy some, and see what fun you can have. If you’ve enjoyed this article and want to read more sensuous ones like it, check out the rest of our blog!

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