Top 10 Cheap Hacks to Beautify your Garden to Sell House Fast

Written By Alla Levin
August 06, 2018

Cheap Hacks to Beautify Garden to Sell Home Quickly

Sell Home Quickly – If you’re thinking of selling your home, of course, you need spent time on the inside but don’t forget about the outside. The beauty of a well-presented garden is you selling an idea, not just bricks and mortar.

Potential buyers can imagine themselves having a glass of wine in the summer or giving the kids some much-needed attention. The garden is also a space for living. Too many people neglect the importance of ‘green rooms’ outside.

A tidy and attractive garden can make the difference between a fast or slow sell. It can even add value to your property. Don’t worry, you don’t need green fingers or a large budget to pay a professional gardener. We’ve got 10 great ideas to help you beautify your garden on a frugal budget to help sell your home quickly.

Sell Home Quickly: Creative planters Sell Home Quickly

Weeds are never a good look in any garden – especially when they’re overtaking your pretty blossoms. Likewise, wilted plants and flowers, no longer full of life and color, need to be removed and cleared away. After a quick tidy-up, it’s time to have some fun.

Forget about traditional flower pots. If you want to brighten up your garden grab a few discarded items. Old tires, the kids outgrown wellington boots, even discarded teapots, and colanders all make fantastic alternative planters. It’s a novel way to breathe life into your garden without spending a penny. To prepare old tires, paint them your favorite color and then hang them up on a wall, or even from a tree. Then add flowers and plants of your choice – petunias and Lantanas are perfect.

Makeshift fire pitBackyard Fire Pit Ideas

Your garden isn’t just a green space showcasing horticultural skills. It’s a place to unwind and spend time with loved ones. Once the evenings become a little chilly, what’s better than to gather around a fire and toast marshmallows? There are a few cheap build-your-own fire pits options available. Or if your DIY skills are up for it, make your own by using an old washer drum.

DIY Raised BedsDiy Raised Garden Bed On Legs Luxury How to Build a Raised Woode

If you’re trying to work out how to get rid of all the pruned twigs and tree branches, build a raised flower bed with them. All you need is a few logs and a wooden beam and hey presto. Placing plants at different heights creates space and draws your eye to them – hopefully impressing buyers.

Love the Lawnselling your home

Lawns are lovely especially when lush and well cared for. Let’s face it mowing the lawn must be in the top 5 most hated chores. If you want to make your lawn more interesting, why not sculpt it into a shape like a circle. You can decorate a border around it using your upcycled flower pots or empty glassware.

Paint paving tilesPaint paving tiles

Garden tiles get a serious bashing, especially in the colder months. Hide the mossy grey with brightly colored paint. Or decorate drab stepping stones using an old vinyl doily and white or silver spray paint.

Upcycle existing furnitureoutdoor furniture

Like many things in the garden, outdoor furniture can get incredibly weather-beaten. But it’s important to make the outside social area look as welcoming as possible for prospective buyers. Tatty and dirty chairs don’t make a good impression. Don’t worry, you don’t want to spend a small fortune replacing old seating. Give everything a good clean and then grab some paint and redecorate. This can make a world of difference.

Enlarge your garden with mirrorsEnlarge your garden with mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to create an illusion of more space both indoors and outdoors. Smaller gardens especially really benefit from feeling like they are bigger than they are. You can use a range of shapes and sizes. But apply a little subtlety – don’t hang mirrors on their own. Place it somewhere surrounded by plants, so it blends into the environment and doesn’t scream ‘mirror’ at your buyers.

Create a glass bottle border

Save your used glass jars to decorate untidy borders or around flower beds. To build a border, simply place the jars upside down and secure them safely by burying the lid end into the earth. They are very sturdy and will look very pretty.

Outdoor lighting

Lighting is so important when trying to sell your house. This goes for your garden too. You don’t need to spend lots of flashy new lighting technology or have a professional install it. Grab last year’s Christmas light – preferably white lights and hang on fences, around the porch, on a tree to create a truly atmospheric feeling in the evenings.

Declutter if you want to sell a home quickly

Decluttering too often is confused with cleaning. It’s completely different. Gardens can easily become repositories for all your unwanted junk. Put on a yard sale, clear it out. You’ll be amazed at how space feels different. And you never know what you might find lurking at the back of the shed. Your garden doesn’t have to be perfect. But a quick fun spruce-up will make seem like a more pleasant space. Without a doubt, prospective buyers will be impressed. Helping you get the sale you want.

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