Max Polyakov – the Expert With a Huge Background in Dog Training Questions

Written By Alla Levin
September 21, 2018

How to Discipline Your Doggie – Questions to Ask a Dog Trainer

Having a dog is always connected with something pleasant and funny. But anyone should also take into account that adopting a pet is a huge responsibility. In case you won’t discipline your dog in time, there might be some problems during its life.

Besides, you have to build strong relationships with a pet because only in this case you both will have the greatest delight from your interactions. Max Polyakov, the owner of an active Firefly, says that training is the best thing you can do for your pet.

Only proper teaching may discipline your dog and give all the needed skills for survival in unpredictable situations.

If your pet barks at people, perform a bad behavior or doesn’t know how to act even in everyday life, training is just what you need.

Max Polyakov’s Tips on Training a PetQuestions to Ask a Dog Trainer

He says that after the educational period, the connection between him and Firefly became tighter. If you want to set strong relationships with your doggie too, follow these tips:

  • Monitor your pet’s actions and try to understand when it starts behaving problematically. You will have to work with this;
  • Max Polyakov recommends visiting a veterinarian before you start teaching it. You have to be sure that your dog is healthy and ready for the chosen type of;
  • Max Polyakov chose a special program for Firefly and set a graphic of teaching sessions. You can also notice and write down the description of each lesson;
  • Start with some basic commands like “Go”, “Stand”, “Run” or “Sit;”
  • Max Polyakov insists that a 5-10 minute educational session was enough for Firefly. But they repeated them several times during one day;
  • Warm-up your pet to prepare its muscles for Cold it down after a lesson to prevent different disorders after the physical activities;
  • Test different coaching styles until your dog feels comfortable to study;
  • Max Polyakov and Firefly are the members of a few training and dog-lover clubs. Join such communities to get more useful info and connections;
  • Have fun with your pet.

If you want to prepare a dog for tournaments, choose more active training. Make it cope with different barriers in terms of a set time. Moreover, a pet will definitely like such activities. Firefly improved its attentiveness and body statement during such sessions.

Conclusion Questions to Ask a Dog Trainer

It doesn’t matter if you want to prepare a pet for contests or just for everyday life. You have to understand that teaching is an essential part of living with a dog.

And you must be patient because this process is not an easy one. Max Polyakov’s Firefly is a happy dog now and it comes with different trials effortlessly.

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