8 Immune Supplements & Smart Actions You Can Take to Boost Your Health

Written By Alla Levin
November 12, 2018

How to Boost your Immune System with Immune Supplements & Smart Actions

Improving your health doesn’t have to be rocket science. Just use these immune supplements and healthy habits to improve the way you feel! Winter is coming, and so is cold and flu season! Now is the time to prepare your body to fight illness and stay healthy.

Don’t join the 5 to 20 percent of the U.S. population that get the flu each year prevention is key. Improving your health doesn’t have to be rocket science. Just use these immune supplements and healthy habits to improve the way you feel!

Zinc Immune SupplementsZinc Immune Supplements

Zinc is in most immune supplement mixes. This mineral has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics. Zinc is also important for healing wounds, enzyme function, and protein synthesis.

This mineral helps fight the common cold and other viruses. Your body does not store excess zinc, so you need to eat zinc from food sources such as soy, nuts, seeds, eggs, and seafood. A little zinc goes a long way. Men need about 11 mg daily, and women should get about 8 mg daily with immune-boosting foods.

Vitamin DVitamin D

Vitamin D actually acts like a hormone, and it does more than strengthen muscles and bones. It also can boost your immune system. About three quarters of U.S. adults and teens are vitamin D deficient. This can put you at a higher risk of infection and illness.

You should take vitamin D supplements, especially in the winter months when the sun is not as abundant. Vitamin D helps control your immune cell actions and helps reduce your risk of the common cold or even the flu.


Probiotics are probably one of the most effective immune system boosters. About 80 percent of your immune system is in your gut, so it’s essential to take probiotics daily to improve your immune system.

Probiotics are good bacteria in your intestinal tract. These bacteria are in fermented foods such as kimchi, yogurt, kefir, and sauerkraut. This bacteria produces material to line your gut and fight off any inflammation, and keeps bacteria from getting in through your bloodstream.


Echinacea is another popular herb. It comes from a flowering perennial in the daisy family. You can purchase it in about any store in various forms such as dried powder, teas, liquid extracts, capsules, or pills.

It is antimicrobial, which helps protect against viruses and bacteria that give you colds, sore throats, flu, and other illnesses.

It can also enhance the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. This herb also has anti-inflammatory properties, so it can assist with healing wounds and improving the immune system’s resistance.


Garlic contains sulfur compounds that enter the digestive tract and move to other parts of your body. Garlic may help you fight off colds and flu or lessen your symptoms.

It strengthens your immune cells to help you combat these illnesses. It also has antioxidants for fighting illnesses. Garlic has been used for centuries to fight illnesses. Add garlic to your diet, or you can take supplements when you are worried about the odor.

Vitamin CVitamin C

Vitamin C is a popular cold and flu-fighting supplement. It supports your immune system function and helps produce antibodies needed to fight illnesses. Vitamin C may also help you reduce your symptoms if you are already sick. Your immune system is always down when you are fighting off illnesses. Vitamin C gives it a boost to kick it back into action.

You can take vitamin C supplements or eat foods rich in vitamin C, such as strawberries, citrus fruits, and bell peppers. You can also buy powder packets to add to your water.

Astragalus RootAstragalus Root

Astragalus is an herb used in traditional and ancient Chinese medicine. It comes from the root of a hairy-stemmed plant in China. It has several antioxidant properties to help the immune system stay healthy, and it can also reduce the signs of aging.

This herb has T-helper cells that help manage the immune system. You can drink this in a tea or take an oral dosage. You should drink about 6 to 12 g of the dried root with up to 12 ounces of water, and you can take 500 to 1,000 mg for oral dosage– both three times a day.

Black ElderberryBlack Elderberry

The elderberry plant contains amino acids, protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins. It also contains polyphenols which are antioxidants that help stimulate the immune system.

You can take this for a short period of time if you start to feel any symptoms of illness. You can take elderberry supplements in syrup form or lozenges.

Other Ways to Boost Your Health

In addition to taking these supplements, there are different ways to keep your body healthy this cold and flu season. You need to make time for yourself to stay healthy. First, it’s important to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean animal proteins, whole grains, and nuts. Try to avoid processed foods and sugary drinks like soda.

Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. You can also add a sliced lemon or cucumber to add a little flavor to your water and add a little vitamin C.

You should also exercise regularly because it increases your immune system function to help you stay healthy. If you can’t get in a workout, try taking a nice, long walk on beautiful days, and you can soak up some vitamin D.

Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Take a nap if you need to. Your body won’t function properly without enough rest, and exercise will help improve the quality of your sleep.

Try to relax and have fun. Yes, that can help you stay healthy because chronic stress and depression affect your immune system. It will make you more prone to illness. If you are sick, go to the doctor.  Don’t push it off too long because one illness can lead to another. There are prescription drugs that can help you fight infection.

Looking for Other Information to Support Your Health?

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