Why do You Need a Whole House Water Filter?

Written By Alla Levin
December 07, 2018

Confused About Whole House Water Filters? Let’s Make it Clear!

Whole house water filters are placed where water enters your home, filtering your water to rid it of harmful contaminants.

These contaminants can come in a wide range of forms. Therefore, it would seem that getting a whole house water filter system would be inevitable for everyone.

However, they are not cheap, and many aren’t aware of the true nature of the water they are using.

Here we go over the reasons why you need a whole house water filter. If you are considering buying a water filtration system, check out the whole house water filter by Clean Air Pure Water.


The primary reason for employing the use of a whole house water filtration system is to stop harmful chemicals coming into your home.

Chemicals in the water system can come from a wide range of sources: industrial waste; agricultural waste; pharmaceuticals; treated sewage; chlorine and chloramine; pesticides and other pollutants.

These chemicals can cause cancer and other negative impacts on a person’s health. Often chlorine and chloramine are used to disinfect water supplies.

These chemicals produce carcinogens.

A whole house water filtration system is the best way of ensuring that water entering your house has been treated to remove carcinogens.whole house water filter by Clean Air Pure Water.


Although the negative implications of drinking water with chemicals may be obvious, you may ask what the danger is for water used for other purposes in the household.

Conversely, chemicals in water absorb far quicker and in higher concentration through the skin than they do when drank.

Therefore, when you shower or even wash your hands, your body will be absorbing toxins.

Water softening

Water filtration systems often can come with the option of installing a water softener. This reduces excess magnesium and calcium that cause hard water.

This improves the quality of your drinking water as well as extending the life of your appliances that use water.

This is due to the reduced amount of scale build-up that can adversely affect their running performance.

Longer lasting clothesLonger lasting clothes

Improved water quality will help your clothes to wash better and become softer and retain color better.

They will also last longer as the water will not damage the clothes.

Better tasting drinking water

Not only will your water be healthier, but it will also taste nicer. Water filter systems ensure that the water will taste better and contain no odors.


Although a reasonable upfront investment, water filtration systems will last a number of years before any work will need doing to them.

Systems of higher quality will not need to be replaced, but instead, the media inside can be changed quickly and for a far reduced cost.

Now you know why you should invest in a whole house water filtration system, make sure to shop around and get the right system for you.

There are many different types with different makeups, choosing the right one can revolutionize your home and protect your health.

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