How to Test for THC

Written By Alla Levin
December 17, 2018

Test Cannabis for THC and CBD Content

Drug use can have an overall adverse effect on an individual and the lives of their loved ones. Each drug varies with the degree of side effects and the impact they cause, based on their chemical make-up and level of addiction.

Some drugs can cause extreme havoc, while others are more of a financial burden. Of all the drugs, prescription and illegal, the most common is cannabis or marijuana. Often, those around us may use the drug, and we have no clue that they do.

However, that’s where drug tests come in. There are several reasons why one would need to have a drug test done. The most common instances to have a drug test done are employers when hiring an employee if an individual is on probation or a legal guardian who may be testing their minor. For example, a person living in Orlando may have you undergo a drug and alcohol test Orlando, Florida based on state laws and the employer’s drug policy.

You may be an employer or legal guardian of someone that has been exhibiting behavior outside of their norm, and you believe they’re using cannabis products. Below are four drug test procedures that can be done to confirm if your marijuana use suspicions are valid.

Blood testTHC detox biz

One of the common ways to test for THC consumption is a blood test. When a blood test is done, it detects whether or not there’s an active presence of THC in the bloodstream. If a person is a chronic user, THC will remain in the bloodstream which is detectable for several days. From there, the measurable level of THC in the bloodstream reduces. The higher the levels, the more recent the person has smoked.

Urinalysis test

An urinalysis test, also known as a urine test, is the most basic and common test to be used. A urine test can be done from the comfort of one’s home while being affordable and non-invasive (with the blood test, you have to use a needle so you’d go to a lab professional). Urine tests are relatively accurate yet not as concrete as a blood test.

Unlike blood test, urine tests don’t detect THC in the body. The way that the urine test works is that it searches for the metabolite THC-COOH (which is a byproduct of THC use). The main concern with a urine test is that people often try to manipulate the test by altering the urine sample.

The THC-COOH metabolite has a long-lasting effect and can be detected in urine for months after marijuana use. An avid smoker or edible user can test positive for the THC metabolite up to 90 days, plus after the last time, they have consumed it.

Hair follicle test

Hair follicle testA hair follicle test requires a small amount of hair to be removed using scissors. Like the blood test, the hair follicle test can show usage within the past 90 days. The hair follicle tests are always up for debate as it shows that someone was a user of marijuana previously, yet doesn’t mean that they currently are consuming THC products.

Hair follicle tests are generally expensive and reserved for employers who are hiring for highly sensitive positions or special clearance. You can’t skew the results of a hair follicle test regardless if you dye, shampoo, use excessive products, or do any other chemical process to your hair.

Saliva test

If a THC detox biz requires you to do a saliva testing, then you can find who can provide the most reliable one on the site. Saliva testing isn’t common, as it only detects usage within 4-6 hours before the test. Therefore, it may be something a guardian may be interested in if they want to know if someone is high at that moment. Otherwise, it may not be accurate and tell the full story of someone’s use.

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