What You Need to Know about the Latest Vaping Technology

Written By Alla Levin
January 15, 2019

Vaping Technology: A Beginners Guide to Vaping

Understand the history, and you can better predict the future of nearly every technology or even trend that comes onto the main stage. Better yet, you can actively make full use of the technology available rather than be held back simply because you didn’t know that some big breakthrough had erupted onto the scene.

This applies to all technology, including vaping. If you don’t keep up to date with vaping news, here’s a quick rundown of everything that you need to know to improve your knowledge and vaping experience:

How Vaping Came into Popular HistoryE Cig brands

Vaping has a longer history than most people think. In fact, the design and creation of the first e-cigarette can be traced back as far as the 1930s, though the first working design didn’t come about until much later. In terms of design, vape kits can be broken down into three main generations:


These Suorin vapes looked a lot like cigarettes. However, they came with short battery life and limited customizability.

Vape Pens

Vape pens changed the game and allowed for some serious customization to occur. Rather than rely solely on disposable cartridges to contain the e-liquid, now users could choose their own.

Mod Customization

Mod customization is another huge leap in the wake of personalization. With custom mods you can change the voltage and even temperatures, allowing users to enjoy larger vapor clouds, or even more dripping.

The Future of Vaping Technologyadvancement on battery technology

The future of vaping technology boils down to tweaks in the tech used and the design that will become the most popular. Some E Cig brands focus on a mature,  futuristic design for example that can be very attractive to users who want a great portable vaporizer that is small, easy to use, and safe to store.

Like the Suorin vapes, a top-quality vape product can help people quit smoking and experience health benefits. Whatever your design preferences, the tech under the hood is what will stand out in the future.

Better Batteries

One of the biggest changes in any technology occurs when there is an advancement in battery technology. Better batteries mean better performance, longevity, and even shorter charging times.

Greater Control

Greater control can be provided through LCD screens or other control methods that allow users to completely customize their experience at the tips of their fingers.

Better Filtration

Better filtration systems allow for cleaner hits without any unwanted additives making their way in.

More Flavors

Finally, advancements are always coming in for new e-liquid varieties. Some variations have even moved away from nicotine bases and instead moved on to different substances like caffeine. In some industries, there is research going into medicine being dispensed through vaping kits.

Vaping, like all trends, might see a circular pattern in terms of what comes and goes in the next generation of tech. The next generation of vaping tools are set to be smaller, sleeker, and harken back to their first-gen counterparts, with the exception of course of more powerful and customizable tech powering them.

By staying up to date on what is changing, you can then make the best decision for you on whether or not to upgrade your vape kit or to give this new model a miss.

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