Start of the SYPWAI project

Written By Alla Levin
March 02, 2019

Start of the SYPWAI project

The theNeurosphere is launching a new project on which the best experts in the field of neural networks have worked – SYPWAI. Today, the platform starts only privately to complete all the necessary work and make the project available to everyone.

In 2018, TheNeurosphere applied for the contest from the Lifeasapa. Having won the victory, the Neurosphere team received a grant of a huge amount of $ 90 million for the implementation of their project, as well as the opportunity to work in one of the best laboratories in the world. This victory allowed the implementation of the SYPWAI project in a little more than a year, and it was launched in March 2019.

SYPWAI project as a tool for neural networks training

The SYPWAI project was created to establish decentralized training of neural networks. The developers said that soon anyone would be able to join the platform, and many people will be able to join the science in artificial intelligence. The project will unite experienced and young scientists who can exchange ideas and have a common goal – to develop artificial intelligence and work on its training.

Abdigani Diriye SYPWAI project general manager: “TheNeurosphere launched the program in test mode already a few months ago. Today the platform is working and allows you to perform the simplest tasks that contribute to the neural network”. Abdigani Diriye noted that the main goal of the project is to introduce technology into the life of every person. The company wants to make innovation accessible to everyone, thereby improving the quality of human life.

When working with the platform, complete anonymity is guaranteed. Users can only tell about their successes or ideas on their own initiative. No third party company will be able to obtain the personal data of registered users. To do this, each client will have to undergo the identification procedures.

We hope that the SYPWAI project will continue its implementation successfully in the future and will soon be able to open access to everyone who wants to devote his time to science.

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