Disneyland Paris Guide for This Summer

Written By Alla Levin
March 28, 2019
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Disneyland Paris Major Areas To Visit

France Are you seeking to travel to Disneyland Paris this summer? Then you’ve come to possibly the best place for a comprehensive guide. In this post, we will cover basically everything from flights to hotels to transport.

We have broken down the content down for you to digest easily as you plan your next trip.

There are basically four spots for you to check out namely:

Disneyland Parktaxi from disneyland paris to eiffel tower

Formerly known as Euro Disneyland, Disneyland park has gained a reputation as perhaps the most beautiful  “castle parks.”  If you’re visiting here for the first time, you’re sure to see unique attractions, though similar to others elsewhere, yet unique in some way.

Walt Disney Studios ParkWalt Disney Studios Park

Discover immense entertainment magical scenes of Disney film at Walt Disney Studios Park. From the mind-boggling effects of the Backlot to famous moments in motion at Toon Studio, Walt Disney studios park will always amaze you in many ways.

Disney Village for a shopping spree

Catch adventure even getting into the gates of Disney parks. Disney village hosts lots of entertainment, restaurants, cinemas, etc. Also, enjoy lifting off in one of the world’s biggest hot air balloons.

The hotel area

From breakfast to dinner, restaurants and bars at Disneyland park give a relaxing experience in the most exciting scenery.

Enjoy a stylish dining experience at California Grill and other restaurants.

How to Get Thereparis gare du nord to disneyland taxi


Disneyland Paris is located only 2 minutes walk away from Chessy train station. Whether you want to take Disney Express, the RERA A, OUigo, each will get you there.


If you want to get Disneyland from Paris by car, you will have to use A4 Autoroute to Metz, then head to Parcs Disneyland. Around the parks are plenty of parking lots, at a fee.

However, those residing at a Disney hotel enjoy free parking inside the hotel–you must have used Disney services booking services.

Also, Charles de Gaulle airport to Disneyland Paris taxi that connecting to Disneyland from the airport is very convenient with T2 Traslados taxi services.

Especially if the comfort and convenience are your cup of tea, then make use of reliable taxi services. Taxis will not only take you to Disneyland Paris but also advice you on some of the things you will see in the city.

By plane

If you’re planning to visit Disneyland this summer, a flight will get you there real quick. Whether you land at Paris Only Airport or Paris-Charles de Gaulle, you will conveniently make use of one of the Magical Shuttles waiting outside the airport.

From Paris Airport, and in barely an hour, you will be at Disneyland Paris.

If you want to get back to the airport from Disneyland Paris, there is always a shuttle every hour from as early as 6.20 A.M to 6.15 PM.

How Much Will it Cost Youtaxi from paris to disneyland

One day trip— There are different 1-day trip ticket deals to Disneyland Paris day trip tickets which mostly depend on the season of the year. These tickets are accessible online and help you save money because of reduced prices.

Look at the prices below:

MINI ticket: for weekdays only

1 park: €53 adult, €48 child.

2 parks: €73 adult, €68 child.

MAGIC ticket: for weekdays

1 park: €69 adult, €63 child.

2 parks: €89 adult, €83 child.

SUPER MAGIC t–with one full year validity

1 park: €79 adult, €72 child.

2 parks: €99 adult, €92 child.

These offers come with free access to children below the age of 3.

2-day trip or more offers

2 days / 2 parks package– €147 adult, €130 child.

3 days / 2 parks package– €182 adult, €163 child.

4 days / 2 parks package– €223 adult, €177 child.

Annual passesAnnual passes

The “Discovery” pass-– pay €9 a month for 11 months, after a one-time payment of €55 OR pay €149 immediately, valid for 150 days a year. An additional parking lot comes at an extra €40.

The “Magic Flex” pass–pay  €15 a month for 11 months, after a one-time payment of €55 OR pay €219 immediately, valid for 300 days per year. Includes free parking spot, a 10% discount in the shops inside the parks, 20% discount on admission, etc.

The “Magic Plus” pass— €19 a month for 11 months*, after a one-time payment of €55 OR pay €259 immediately with 350 days a year validity  — a free parking spot, a 10% discount in the shops and restaurants inside the parks, discounts with Disney hotel bookings, 20% discount on admission tickets which allows you to invite your friends, reduced price photo pass, Buffalo Bill, invitations to Disney events.

The “Infinity” pass: €32 a month for 11 months*, after a one-time payment of €55 OR pay €399 immediately. Valid all year, with included in the price: a reserved free parking spot, a 20% discount in the shops inside the parks, discounts if you book a Disney hotel and the possibility of enjoying the “Extra Magic Times,” a 15% discount in the restaurants inside the parks, VIP seating for selected shows, and a lot of other benefits.

What about foods? Well, Disneyland Paris is also known for its notable dining experiences. While there are no world-class restaurants, you will still catch a refreshing bite in one of 28 hotel options at Disney park.

There is no better way to celebrate the summer Paris holidays than by taking a trip to Disneyland Paris. Charles de Gaulle airport to Disneyland Paris taxi is what you need to keep in yur mind whan planing. The warmth, longer days, several shows and lots of activities are designed to amaze you.

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