Do You Really Understand How and Why to Start a Blog?

Written By David Callan
May 13, 2019

Blogging for Money: Understanding the ‘Blog Animal’ or How and Why to Start a Blog and How Much do Bloggers Make

What is blogging for money? How much do bloggers make? The growth and popularity of blogs, in general, has been phenomenal within a very short period of time. Blogs or weblogs as they were previously called are where all the action on the World Wide Web is, right now.

It is amazing how quickly websites have been relegated to the back seat. Actually, the role of websites is rapidly being re-defined but it is clear blogs will be the place where all the traffic will be congregating for a long time to come. Yet most entrepreneurs who have quickly jumped onto the blog bandwagon do not seem to fully understand and appreciate what blogs are. They do not know how blogging has changed over the years questioning:

  • What is blogging for money?
  • Do bloggers make money?
  • Can I make money blogging?

Worse still, many of those who have remained away have no idea what all the fuss is about and what is blogging for money. A clearer understanding of blogs is bound to benefit any e-commerce business owner or online entrepreneur making money online.

Everybody can be a publisher or media ownerHow much do bloggers make

The answer to the question of how blogging has changed over the years – probably the most significant impact of blogs is the fact that it is rapidly changing mass media, as we have known it since the invention of the printing press in the 15th century. Powerful media companies have been in the hands of a few people who have carefully controlled what we see in our media. Sometimes deliberately to achieve their corporate goals and objectives.

Blogs are effectively transferring that power back to the people and away from the hands of a few. This era of blogs means that anybody can be a publisher or media owner.

Effectively transmitting whatever information they want and push whatever cause is dear to their hearts – that’s how do bloggers make money The impact of blogs in politics, for example, has been a clear demonstration of the power of blogging.

We have some blogs covering politics that have a couple hundred thousand visitors on a daily basis. This may be a scary development to many folks including media owners but it presents a number of excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs to start blogging for money. Reaching huge audiences with their messages at a tiny fraction of what their budgets used to be in the days when blogs did not exist.

How much do bloggers make: Breaking news, courtesy of the blogging communityblog community

The further power of blogs to handle breaking news in real-time, complete with photographs and video clips, has clearly been evident in regimes. For example during the Tsunami tragedy last December. Footage of the damage being caused by the giant waves was seen in blogs long before the traditional media channels got the wind of what was going on. This opens up a whole range of new opportunities that can be tried out in the years to come. Not many entrepreneurs have realized this yet.

Anybody who didn’t have a site can own a successful blog

Blogs are so easy to set up, maintain and run that a new breed of online entrepreneurs is on the rise, therefore blogging for money. All you need is to follow the beginners guide on how to use WordPress and your fresh blog can go live within a few hours and explore how much do bloggers make, and it takes some time.

It consists of many individuals who for one reason or another were unable to set up and maintain their websites. We are now in an era where an online entrepreneur needs little else other than lots of creativity. There is actually so much that he or she can do without a single cent in the capital, making money online is now way easier!

Distinct advantages of having blogged for moneyHow and Why to Start a Blog

Blogs tend to get lots of traffic. Lots more than websites do. Besides search engines seem to love them, so why not to start a blog? Blogs are also able to build up links much more easily than websites. Thus it is no longer surprising for a nobody-novice to suddenly shoot up to stardom and recognition.

No entrepreneur can afford to be left behindhow much do bloggers make

The benefits of a business having in its stable a blog or two that is capable of attracting huge traffic, and to know how much do bloggers make is very important and can be extremely useful in helping a business to achieve its’ marketing goals and objectives. Any entrepreneur whether online or offline who does not have a blog to help promote their business is making a very serious mistake that they will definitely live to deeply regret.

In fact, even playing catch-up with a blog that already exists will continue to be more and more difficult. There are a number of advantages that blogs have which will continue to be extremely useful to entrepreneurs and webmasters.

One of them is the fact that they easily allow for customer comment and anybody can be able to post a comment at your site. So now you know how and why to start blogging for money? Start using your blog more carefully and watch your traffic and revenues steadily climb as a result.

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