How to Dress for Success: Easy Fashion Tips to Make You Look Amazing

Written By Alla Levin
June 13, 2019

Easy Fashion Tips to Make You Look Amazing

Everyone is familiar with the famous saying- “clothes make the man.” And it is true; clothing is so much more than something to cover your body with. It can literally change the way you feel and how others view you as well. Do you know those days when you wake up and feel like staying in bed? And if you would lounge around the house in pajamas, you will feel, well…not much better.

But, if you get dressed properly and head out to work, you will automatically feel so much better. It’s not only the distraction of work; there is something about getting dressed and dressing well that puts you in a good mood and makes you automatically feel better.

We are all busy, and most of us don’t have a lot of time to spend making ourselves look glamorous. No need! Here are some quick and easy fashion tips that will make you look great with minimal effort.

Accessorizeclothes make the man

Sometimes all you need is a simple accessory to change your outfit from blah to wow. Throwing on a funky necklace, adding a bright scarf, or belting a simple dress can really get the compliments coming.

There are so many accessories that you can add to an outfit to dress it up and bring it up to another level. Think jewelry; big, bright pieces that make a statement. Especially when you are wearing something simple, sometimes all you need is a really cool pair of earrings to change the whole look.


Even if you go for a more natural look, putting on some eye makeup and dabbing on a bit of lip gloss can really enhance your natural beauty and make you look pretty. If you go for a more dramatic look, there is so much you can do to really make yourself look attractive. Go bold on the eyes and bright on the lipstick, and you will really look great. Once you know what style you go for, applying your make-up will be a breeze and literally take you moments to transform.

Easy fashion tips: add a bit of color

If you’re like me, you prefer the same old comfortable black. Always slenderizing and flattering, and oh so easy. But, there is so much that beautiful, bright colors can do to make you simply gorgeous. Sometimes you need to step a bit out of your comfort zone and play around with different colors and hues to see what suits your skin tone and hair color best.

An effortless and seamlessly chic look is pairing a pair of bright heels with a simple black dress.  There you’ve got your comfortable black, as well as a pop of color to make your outfit look outstanding.

Even if you have got to go more conservative at work, or you are a nurse, and even in your Grey’s Anatomy scrubs you still feel like you look a bit boring, there are still ways to let your fashion sense shine through with some of these small little style additions that make all the difference.

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