My Secret Jet Lag Insomnia Cure

Written By Alla Levin
June 24, 2019

Jet Lag Insomnia Cure: 8 Reliable Tips to Cure Sleep Problems and Getting Over Jet Lag

I couldn’t wait to travel all the way across the ocean to Europe. The thought of uniting with some of my friends there was unimaginable. The idea of crossing from Washington State to Eastern Europe came to me as a normal travel experience — which I like anyway.

I am finally there, and I’m like, “oh yes, great, it’s great to be here.” I felt alright until later at night—I couldn’t sleep, though dead tired.

By the way, you should know that it’s completely safe to bring CBD on the plane now, but with caution. TSA banned me until earlier this month that the airport will let go CBD but with some restrictions. Please note that this is info applies to the USA. Would you please read here for more information on flying with CBD?

I had jetlag insomnia.

In my subsequent trips, I have pretty adopted ways of getting over jet lag. Here are my secret jet lag cure tips that make every trip as comfortable as possible. There are a lot of options out there to getting over jet lag, but you pick the one that will work specifically for you: take some herbal remedies for insomnia or CBD For Sleep, or even find something to watch when you can’t sleep.

Pack Sleep Enhancement ProductsJet Lag Insomnia Cure

I sometimes use natural supplements to deal with jetlag insomnia. At some point, I used CBD tinctures – Uplift – Natural Strawberry Lemonade (500mg)—to battle sleep problems due to jetlag. Melatonin can also help cope with jetlag —though I mostly prefer CBD products. Melatonin supplements can help your body to get sleep faster and easier despite being so tired.

Peaceful and Quiet Environment

When it comes to quality sleep, a peaceful and tranquil environment proves helpful. I usually ensure that my bedtime is not affected by outside noises.

In case I book a hotel room where there’s so much noise from outside, I use a noise conditioner or even earplugs. I have also found thermostat fans to drown out external noises that could potentially disturb my sleep.

Also, meditation can make you sleep faster. To get over jet lag, I prefer using a metered breathing technique, popularly dubbed the 4-7-8 technique. You inhale through your nose for four counts, hold for 7 counts and then exhale for 8 counts, repeating this severally. This technique really calms my mind, and I have relied on it to make my travel experiences comfortable, now many years after I learned the technique.

Enhance Your ComfortCBD tinctures

Comfort is a prerequisite to a comfortable sleep. I personally prioritize comfort while planning my travel.

Firstly, I ensure that I book accommodation that meets my needs. For me, the bed standards, pillow firmness, and even linen quality come first. In fact, I am almost known to avoid rooms with small beds and low-quality linen at all costs. I call ahead of time to make sure my comfort is not substandard, and therefore jetlag insomnia will not take a toll on me.

Comfort is quite a critical component of quality sleep which can battle jetlag insomnia, and therefore it’s important to get it right. I always have some movies to watch when I can’t sleep.

Consider sticking

This works best, especially when I’m traveling for a couple of days.

I try to keep the same meal timetable, sleep times, and wake-up time just as if I were at home.  Also, try to expose yourself to the same light conditions as you would at home. I can attest that this can be a daunting task, but you can really avoid jetlag insomnia if you try it.

Mind your food quantitytips on how to fall asleep fast.

Do you know that much airplane food contributes greatly to jetlag? I have discovered that carbohydrate-rich food makes one very tired and heavy. Other foods such as potatoes increase your urge for sleep and can come hardy when flying east-wise to a far-off destination and is a good way to getting over jet lag.

Plan to stay overnight

Jet Lag Insomnia Cure: before I start my travel, I ensure I plan for a stopover along my route, where I stay overnight. As much as I can attest, a stopover does wonders about jetlag insomnia.

Explore a beautiful spot, eat some culture-based foods, and do other activities before you carry on with your journey, of course with a renewed energy.

Unknowingly, you will discover you have already adjusted to new time zones, so jetlag will never slap you. This is one of the most popular tips on how to fall asleep fast.

Make Use of Sleep Toolsgetting over jet lag.

When I discovered that jetlag insomnia is no joke and can ruin your travel, I invested in educating myself on what improves sleep. Later, I narrowed it down to what works for me.

You can get tons of information on the web sources such as, among other sources. I have also come to like devices and apps made to help monitor your sleep. Fitbit, for instance, helps me monitor my sleep. Also, the Jetlag Rooster app helps you adjust to new time zones. When you discover what tool or device works for you, you will say goodbye to jetlag insomnia.

Jet Lag Insomnia Cure: Create The Right Lighting

My desire to understand what improves sleep got me to realize that our bodies are designed to respond to light exposure. The light intensity message is sent to the brain to interpret what the time of the day is.

In the late evening, your brain uses light exposure to trigger your body to sleep. Your body produces lots of melatonin which drops body temperature and causes drowsiness and ultimately sleep. In the morning, the morning light reduces melatonin release, and as a result, body temperature decreases, and the hormone cortisol is released, which facilitates alertness.

When I travel abroad, I prefer blackout curtains during bedtime while blocking any artificial light while sleeping. I also switch off all electronics before I sleep—electronics’ light is known to compromise the sleep quality and get over jet lag.

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