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Written By Alla Levin
April 28, 2019

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There is a saying that goes like this: all happy families are happy in the same way, but all unhappy families are miserable in a unique way.

There is a lot of truth to this saying, but we’re not here to talk about it. We’re here to talk about the first part of it, the happy families.

Every household wants to be happy, and it all starts with a single smile.

If you’re a kid and you see your parents smiling, you would too. Even if your day wasn’t the best, the laughter and positive atmosphere just bring out a smile back and visit Greenbelt dentists.

Another scenario is if you were the parent. You think you had a bad day at work and nothing can fix it.

Then, you come home and you see your kids running to you cheering and laughing.

It’s the simple things in life that make it worth living, and a simple curved line on someone’s lips can be the light of our day.

Click here to read more about how laughing and smiling is good for us and about Greenbelt practices with Greenbelt dentists.

Good oral health is the key to a long and happy lifebest family dentist in Greenbelt, MD

Your dentist says this all the time, and it’s true. People also say, smile while you still have teeth. So, let’s combine these two.

Firstly, you need to have a great pair of strong and healthy teeth, and then all you need to do is smile.

Numerous studies have shown that laughing prolongs our life, and when you do it, you feel better.

Not only you but everyone around you too.

Having great teeth boosts your self-confidence by a whole lot. Try being confident when you have a rotten front tooth.

That’s kind of hard since most of us would spend our time talking with a hand covering our mouths.

Check how teeth whitening can improve your self-confidence.

Now, since we’ve concluded how important our teeth and smiles are, let’s see how we can keep them healthy for the rest of our lives.

Brush at least twice a day

A full two minutes of brushing when you wake up and when you go to bed. That’s all there is to it when it comes to brushing.

In total, this means that you devote just four minutes to your oral health.

It’s not a lot and everyone knows it. Four minutes pass by if we just take a glance at our smartphones and check a few notifications. Be sure to brush softly. Your teeth will thank you for it.

Use mouthwash and flossfamily dentist in Greenbelt

Using mouthwash is a great way to eliminate bad breath. No one likes to have a smelly odor coming out of their mouth. Just rinse for half a minute to kill all of the germs that might cause cavities and other diseases.

Don’t trust us? Then you can ask the best family dentist in Greenbelt, MD and find out for yourself.

Flossing, on the other hand, helps out to remove all of the debris caught in between your teeth. After an entire day of eating, some pieces of food will get stuck.

Some of them will get unstuck from brushing, but not all of them. Flossing every night before bed is the key to healthy gums and healthy teeth.

Since food can rot in between the teeth, it’s like a problem waiting to happen. Take just a little bit more time to go up and down each tooth for the best results.

Make healthy choicesdental care practices

Greenbelt Dentists – by healthy choices we mean two things. The first one is to watch what you eat. And the second one is to avoid smoking. We’ll focus on the food first.

We’re not here to tell you what to eat, but if you reduce your sugar intake, there is almost no chance for you to get a cavity.

Here is some more info:

On average, people eat around eleven tablespoons of sugar each day. Try and put that amount in a cup, and you’ll see what the problem is with your own eyes.

Food is also the building block of everything in our bodies, and that includes our teeth. If you eat bad food, your teeth will be bad too.

Always remember about dental care practices. And, as for smoking, you already know it. It makes your teeth yellow, and it increases the risk of oral cancer and gum disease.

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