Your Essential Guide to Different Types of Accent Chairs for Your Space

Written By Alla Levin
October 23, 2019

A Guide to Different Types of Accent Chairs for Your Space

Accent chairs undoubtedly add a bit of flair and personality to space – if you have ever walked into someone’s living area or hallway and been struck by the beauty of a particular chair, then you know exactly what we mean.

Accent chairs are not only decorative but functional as well, and they can help accentuate what is already in a particular room or space, making it come alive.

If your bedroom has an accent chair, for instance, you can unwind on the chair and relax before going to bed or use the accent chair when you are writing down tasks or errands.

An accent chair can also serve as additional seating when you have guests; this is why they’re often perfect for living areas, dining areas, and other spaces in the home.

But you must already know that there are different kinds of accent chairs available today – and it’s essential for you to choose the right type for your space. Here’s your essential guide to accent chairs – and how to choose the right one.

An armchairAn armchair

Armchairs are a classic – everyone loves them, and they will never go out of style. If you want a straightforward and timeless design, an armchair is a way to go.

The good thing about recliners is that they are versatile, and they often have a similar look to other pieces of furniture in living areas or bedrooms.

If you want something timeless and traditional, armchairs are a good choice, and they serve as a great chair to relax in as well. Take note, however, that it would be best for you to place an armchair in a dining room, bedroom, or living room rather than a hallway; it may be too big for space.

An armless chair

An armless chair or slipper chair is a kind of accent chair that is quite on-trend today as well. The great aspect about an armless or slipper chair is that it doesn’t have a large footprint compared to armchairs, so it can fit well even in smaller spaces.

There are many iconic chairs in a slipper style, and these can go well with your overall theme if chosen wisely.

Here’s a tip: if you’re opting for an armless chair or slipper chair, it would be best to place it next to or alongside a love seat or a sofa. Armless chairs are also great for providing more color and substance in your living area, and it can serve as an extra seat for guests and visitors.

A sculptural chairA sculptural chair

Sculptural chairs can be quite eye-catching, and they can certainly grab the attention of anyone walking into your home. They can serve as a unique and personal statement in living rooms and bedrooms, and you can use them in hallways as well (just make sure your hallway or foyer is big enough so as not to overwhelm the space).

But sculptural chairs are not just a style statement – they can also be quite relaxing, especially if you sit in them for a long time.

Most modern-themed homes go well with sculptural chairs, and they can add a definitive decorative element and appeal to your space. When you choose any sculptural chair, however, bear in mind that it will usually be a focal point, so it’s best to choose one which will get the best positive attention.

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