Dhaka’s Best Traditional Bangladeshi Meals on Foodpanda

Written By Alla Levin
November 15, 2019

Dhaka’s Best Traditional Bangladeshi Meals on Foodpanda

Dhaka can be a hectic city. Because of its dense population, it can start to feel overwhelming. While the street food is fantastic, sometimes, you might find yourself craving for a quiet meal at home.

If you’re currently in Dhaka, either as a resident or on holiday, Foodpanda is a wonderful service to be aware of.

Foodpanda is a food delivery service that brings delicious meals right to your front door, freshly cooked from some of the best restaurants in Dhaka. If you’re after a traditional Bengali meal, there are plenty to choose from on Foodpanda’s website.

Bangladeshi food is traditionally spicy and flavourful and often consists of rice served with meat. We’ve narrowed down the options and have come up with a list of suggestions to make your decision a little bit easier.

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Beef Tehari from Hawlader Biryani House

Tehari is a healthy trend, a traditional yellow rice dish that’s very popular in Bangladesh. It’s most commonly served with beef, so the tehari from Hawlader Biriyani House is a great place to start if you want to try something traditional and authentic. Be warned that this is quite a spicy dish and isn’t for the faint of heart!

Chicken Khichuri from Taspia Biryani HouseBeef Tehari from Hawlader Biryani House

Khichuri is often described as a comfort food dish and is another extremely popular choice among Bengalis. Because of its richness, this mushy delicious rice and lentil dish is typically served during the monsoon season with ghee (clarified butter).

Morog Polao from Kismot Biryani House

Morog polao, also known as chicken biryani, is another very famous and popular Bangladeshi dish made of rice and chicken. This dish is cooked with yogurt, unlike the tehari dish listed above. This makes it slightly less spicy. Morog polao is a staple of Bengali cuisine and is a must-try dish while you’re in Dhaka.

Beef Bhuna from Chui Jhal RestaurantBeef Bhuna from Chui Jhal Restaurant

Chui Jhal has a section on its menu of Bangladeshi items. Our recommendation would be Beef bhuna. Bhuna is a Bangladeshi curry that’s made using spices fried in oil to make a paste. This method results in a flavorful, spicy curry you’ll find all over Bangladesh.

Traditional Bangladeshi Meals: Jhinge Aloo Posto from The Bhoj Company Freshly Cooked Meals Food Delivery from the Best Restaurants in Dhaka

Jhinge aloo posto is a delicious vegetarian option. Made from potatoes, gourd, and poppy seeds, this is a Bengali curry dish. The use of poppy seeds and green chilis makes this dish unique and unusual. If you’re in Dhaka, this dish is definitely worth a try, as you may not come across it again.

There are lots of options out there, and it can be hard to know which dishes to try first.

If you’re also interested in exploring other types of cuisine, Foodpanda is host to a range of international restaurants as well, so have a browse if you’re undecided. But then, if you do use this list, you’ll definitely try a few of Bangladesh’s most famous dishes from the best restaurants. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy them away from the crowds and from the comfort of your hotel or apartment.

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