Things That You Cannot Miss Doing in Koh Phi Phi, At Any Cost!!

Written By Alla Levin
November 28, 2019

Things That You Cannot Miss Doing in Koh Phi Phi, At Any Cost!!

Thailand is a great destination for your next vacation. This is a perfect place to enjoy some peaceful time with your loved ones amongst the white sandy beaches and blue waters.

You can come to Phi Phi, either from Krabi or Phuket. It is easy to come from Koh Phangan to Koh Phi Phi as many tourists take that route. You can even take a ferry or speed boat to reach here from Krabi or Phuket.

Maya Bay is synonymous of Phi Phi Island. The breathtaking backdrop and the cool weather are something that one used to enjoy here. But with increasing tourists, the place got spoiled with trash which affected not only the beauty but also the marine life. But do not get worried, there are tons of other things to do here in Phi Phi and we would discuss the same here.

Swimming at the Phileh Bay Lagoon

You might have seen the unreal pictures of Thailand, thanks to Phileh Bay Lagoon. The bay looks mesmerizing with emerald water and gorgeous lagoons. This is one of the best places to swim when you are here. In case you cannot swim, the natural beauty of the place is enough to take your breath away.

Island hoppingMosquito Island and Bamboo Island

The longtail boats that you would get here are extremely pretty and a great transport option to go to Mosquito Island and Bamboo Island are quite famous here. This is a relaxing gateway and indeed a tropical paradise. The views are picture perfect and the best thing here is the sunset.

Hikinghiking Phi Phi

If you love to explore new places by hiking, then Phi Phi is your place to be. You can hike to the viewpoint and get some stunning sights standing here. It would take about 30 minutes of walking to reach the peak. You would get snacks and beverages on reaching the top.

SnorkelingSnorkeling Phi Phi Island

This is one of the most popular activities of the Phi Phi Island. You can submerge under the beautiful blue waters and watch the marine ecosystem.

The water is quite warm here and with a variety of marine life residing here, you should definitely try on this activity.

DivingDiving Koh Phi Phi

If you want a closer look at the marine life and wish to touch them personally, then do not miss diving at Phi Phi. It is an experience of a lifetime at the most peaceful place in the world.

From fish of various species to phytoplankton and other marine animals, you would be able to see everything here and thus should not miss out on them.

Finally, if you just want to chill out and enjoy re peaceful environment, then you should absolutely do that. You can go to the Monkey beach wherein you would find many of these animals.

The place belongs to them and hence you should not disturb them. Also, do not even try to feed them because that can cause a penalty. Just chill and sit there admiring the beauty of the place and you would fall in love with Phi Phi.

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