The Most Popular Broadband Providers in the UK

Written By Alla Levin
November 28, 2019
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The Most Popular Broadband Providers in the UK

Choosing the best broadband provider isn’t a simple task. There are a lot of things to consider including the coverage, the length of the contract, total costs of signing up, connection reliability and speeds. What’s more, there are a lot of broadband providers in the industry, all offering a confusing -range of packages at different prices.

Here, we clear up the confusion by providing a list of the most popular broadband providers in the UK. Our list caters to every budget and need so you are sure of getting a provider that will suit you.

EE broadband

EE, previously known as Everything Everywhere, is the most popular broadband provider in the UK and for a good reason. The provider offers good coverage, bundled data plans, fast speeds, and great customer service. Its prices range from the standard package which goes for £21 a month at an average speed of 10 Mbps up to £47 a month with speeds of 300 Mbps for the Fibre Max 2 package.

Like other plans offered by broadband providers, EE’s plans are unlimited but they do not include any extras unless you opt for phone or TV add-ons. The nice thing about EE is that you can purchase its broadband using its 4GEE Home network even if you live in an area where the provider doesn’t have a fixed network. One downside to this provider is the standard contract length that goes for 18 months.

BT broadbandBT broadband

This provider is the largest internet provider in the UK and is known for its killer internet speed and fixed coverage. It was ranked the Best Business Broadband by making it a great option for business broadband.

The prices are affordable, you can choose between an office phone or broadband deal, or whack a TV package on top for just £24.99 a month. Just like EE, BT broadband offers unlimited plans and add-ons including 200GB of cloud storage, free UK weekend calls, BT Virus Protect and access to 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots country-wide.


Vodafone UK is part of the Vodafone Group, the second-largest mobile phone company in the world. As of November 2019, the telecommunications services provider had 17.8 million subscribers in the United Kingdom.

Being one of the largest internet providers in the UK, Vodafone offers great deals, a range of mobile broadband and amazing broadband coverage. The prices are fair with the cheapest package going at only £24/month and a guaranteed minimum download speed of 25 Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 10mbs.

Virgin Media BroadbandVirgin Media Broadband

Virgin Media offers one of the most reliable – 99.9% reliable – broadband in the country. The company uses its broadband network which helps them to offer super-fast speeds. With Virgin Media, you can get speeds of up to 100 Mbps, 200mbps, 300mbps and they have just rolled out the country’s fastest speed of 350mbps.

Unfortunately, their coverage isn’t quite good with its broadband being available in only 44% of homes across the UK. Like EE and BT broadband, Virgins plans are unlimited but do not include any extras. The contract terms start at 12 months but you can purchase them on 30-day rolling contracts.

Broadband Providers in UK: Plusnet BroadbandPlusnet Broadband

Plusnet broadband is loved by UK homeowners as well as small business owners due to its fast and reliable internet speed, decent prices, and great coverage. Subscribing to their standard package allows you to enjoy speeds of up to 10Mbps for just £19 a month. Like Virgin Media, the provider has rolling contracts for a couple of quid and its packages are unlimited with a setup fee of £5.

While broadband providers don’t have the best reputation, we hope that this list will help you find a provider that ticks your boxes – whether its fast internet speeds, value for money, customer support or coverage.              

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