Top Fishing Reels for Cat Fishing- How to Choose the Right One?

Written By Alla Levin
January 12, 2020

Top Fishing Reels for Cat Fishing- How to choose the right one?

There is no doubt that fishing has become one of the best-loved hobbies, usually taken up out of nothing but simple curiosity. However, it takes a concise period before this initial interest grows into a real passion.

Apart from professional anglers who are entirely captivated by this sport, there are numerous amateur fishermen for whom fishing is more than just an occasional hobby. It’s the perfect getaway from the hectic lifestyle for everyone who craves solitude or a well-spent time with friends.

However, for those interested in catching serious fish game, choosing the right gear and a tackle box is the key to success. Naturally, your rod, reel, and baits would largely depend on the type of fish you’re aiming to catch.

Nowadays, catfishing is one of the favorites, as catfish can be found in large numbers and is more challenging than the other types. Anyhow, purchasing a solid rod is not enough for angling such a weighty creature. You need to choose a reel, which would be a good match for your pole, both of them, ultimately depending on the type of catfish. Check this link for such things

The best catfishing reels can be found either online or in your local fishing store. The following tips will help you make the right choice for catfish fishing.

Catfish fishing – Spin cast reels

This type is most suitable for beginners as it employs a simple principle, and it’s used for catching smaller catfish. The fishing line can’t be too heavy or too large since it’ll automatically fill up the line’s capacity. Therefore, if you target the smaller-sized catfish or you’re at the start of your fishing journey, the spin-cast type is the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you’re targeting large-scale fish, it will give you nothing but trouble. In case you catch a big one by chance, the drag system won’t have the capacity to pull it out. Don’t purchase this type unless you consider fishing just as a way of having fun, without the intention of angling more challenging catfish.

Spinning reels

These reels are more practical as you have higher control over the fishing line upon casting the bait into the water. The spool around which the line is wrapped enables you to control how much of the line you pull out, following the situation.

You can pull out more line if you wish to cast the bait further and adjust its length upon retrieving. There is a wide range of spinning reel brands on the market, their price largely depending on the material they’re made of as well as their size.

Reel size is chosen by the fish you’re targeting: small, medium, or large, and it has to comply with your rod. Unfortunately, there isn’t an extensive selection of rods being a good match for the brand you purchase when it comes to catfishing.

Generally, there’s a lack of specialized catfishing gear, which leaves you with a limited range to choose from.

Bait cast reels

This type is probably the best option for catfishing, as it’s suitable for both small and large-sized fish. The spool’s rotation feature provides you with a high level of precision, regardless of the catfish’s weight.

You can employ every technique you’ve come across without any problem and use its incredible drag system to pull the catfish out without using too much of your strength.

Obviously, price is dictated by quality. Read more about their advantages over the other types.

Price mattersflathead catfish

Purchasing a full gear for catfish fishing can be quite costly, but it’s worth the investment if you really plan to devote yourself to this activity. You’ll probably be tempted to buy some of the cheapest reels on the market, but try not to make this mistake.

The lowest-cost brands are likely to break after a short period of usage, and there’s no chance of getting them repaired as you’ll be told they can’t be fixed, so you’ll end up purchasing another one. In case you try to complain, the manufacturers will most certainly blame it on you as a result of your inexperience and lack of knowledge.

However, purchasing a top-notch reel from a manufacturer with an excellent reputation suggests investing in a device that you’re going to use for many more years to come. Moreover, you won’t have a problem finding parts for replacement, which means that you’ll be able to prolong its use.

Nevertheless, beware of reels that have the same look as those from the most expensive brands, but their quality is incomparable. These knock-offs have a less high price, which should be an indicator of their quality. The highest-quality ones would never have such a low price unless there is a discount.

Wrap upGetting a tackle box

Getting a tackle box is not enough unless you equip it with the right fishing gear for catfish fishing. Your primary choice would have to be the type of fish you are after, as everything else, particularly the rod and reel, are conditioned by it.

In the case of catfishing, you are supposed to determine the species before purchasing the reel, as catfish are known to have more than a hundred variants. If your target is small catfish, choose the spin-cast reel, but if your target is a large-scale catfish fishing, the bait cast type would be the right choice!

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