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Written By Alla Levin
January 26, 2020
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Online advertising can be a very successful investment for your business. When done correctly, this endeavor can provide you with a very impressive return on a considerably small investment. Unfortunately, there are two sides to every coin. When things aren’t done properly, then there’s a huge chance you can throw lots of money down the drain.

Think about it, how many online ads do you see, and how many do you click on? You click on some more than others, and there are reasons for this! Thus, I want to ensure that you increase clicks on all of your online ads – regardless of where they are. Everything will be explained in the guide below. But first, a quick word on the topic of online advertisements. 

Increase Clicks For Your Online Ads: What are online ads?What are online ads?

Online ads, and internet advertising are often referred to as pay-per-click advertising. They come in many forms and can be found on numerous platforms. For example, Google Ads are seen when you conduct a search. They appear above the regular results, pointing you toward relevant websites.

Then, you have ads that appear on websites or on social media. You also have ads that show up when watching online videos. These all fall under the category of online ads. 

In essence, you pay various digital advertising companies to buy these adverts. You pay based on every click you get. So, how do you ensure that your ads are clicked on? Well, a key aspect of this is making sure they appear to the right people…

Target the correct audienceTarget the correct audience

Starting your internet advertising a huge mistake is not targeting your ideal audience. Every business has a target customer group. You should know what yours is, and this will help you get more success from your online advertising campaign.  When you bid on ads, you usually have to target specific keywords. This is the case for search engine adverts, which means your ads show up in the relevant searches.

For example, if you run a digital marketing agency, then you’ll want to bid on keywords relating to that. Then, when someone searches for a ‘digital marketing agency,’ they will see your advert. By contrast, it wouldn’t make sense to target a random keyword like ‘Game of Thrones.’

Granted, lots of people search for this term, but your advert will be irrelevant as it doesn’t have anything to do with what people are searching for. Therefore, you lose money. 

A similar thing happens when you use other online ads on websites. In this case, you often have to choose who your ads are targeted at. I know that Facebook has a system where you decide the demographics based on their age, location, interests, and so on.

The same thing is in place for adverts on other sites; you’re asked about the people you’re targetting, so the ads show up for users that tick these boxes.  If you target the right audience, then your ads will be seen by people who are highly interested in what you have to offer.  As such, the chances of the ad being clicked on will increase dramatically. 

Get social proofsocial proof for Facebook Ads,

Social proof is a big thing in the online marketing world. As a brief rundown of what it is, we’re basically talking about anything that can help convince consumers that something is worthwhile.

As an example, social proof on eCommerce stores reviews. They tell consumers whether or not the products are worth buying based on what other people have said.  From an advertising perspective, social proof encompasses many things. Primarily, it’s relevant for social media adverts – especially Facebook.

To get social proof for Facebook Ads, you need to have lots of activity on your adverts. This means they have plenty of likes, and a lot of comments, and people are interacting with them.  When other users see this, they assume that the advert must be worth their time. So, the chances of clicking on them will be boosted. 

This concept is also relevant for Instagram and Twitter advertising. If you can gain social proof and show that lots of people are interacting with your adverts, then they have a higher chance of being successful.  Keep that in mind when you use social media advertising. 

Give people a reason to clickGive people a reason to click

Nobody will click on your ads if you don’t give them a reason to do so. What will they gain from clicking on your ad? What can you offer them? You have to make a tempting offer that lures them in. 

For instance, a lot of adverts are for sales that companies are having. They include big statements like ‘50% off’ to draw consumers in. Then, they combine it with language that almost forces the user to act now and click on the advert. Again, an example of this is an advert that states there’s “50% off, sale ends tonight!”.

You show the user that they can save a lot of money and that they must click the ad before time runs out.  Of course, this is just one particular example. It may vary depending on your business and the purpose of your ads. But, make sure you use compelling language and visuals to give people a reason to click. 

A professional design

internet advertising

Lastly, your adverts should look professional. This doesn’t relate to search engine ads that much, it’s mainly to do with adverts on websites/social media and adverts on online videos. 

Effectively, you need them to look as professional as possible. This makes your ads stand out and speak to the people who scroll down the web page. It also helps to make the advert seem more trustworthy.

Nobody will click on an advert if it looks unprofessional! Hopefully, you should already start to see how these ideas can make a significant difference. It’s all about targeting your ads to the right people, then convincing them to give the ad a click.

When you look at these ideas, you realize it’s a lot easier than you initially thought. So, get more out of your advertising budget by adjusting your approach and increasing the clicks on your adverts today. 

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