How To Stay Safe In Your Day To Day Life

Written By Alla Levin
March 10, 2020
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How To Stay Safe In Your Day To Day Life

It can be easy to assume the best in everyone that you meet or just see walking down the street, but you can never truly trust someone that you don’t know.  That is why it is important to be prepared in case anything happens.  There is no need to go overboard, but by taking a few extra precautions, you could enable yourself to be safer when going about your daily life.

Check your car regularly

To ensure that your car is always safe to drive, you need to make sure that you carry out checks on it regularly.  You should check that your tires are properly inflated and that the tread is above the minimum depth level.

Periodically check to make sure that your oil and water are at the right level so that your car doesn’t overheat or breakdown.  You should also take it for a service at least once a year.

Before you start driving, you need to make sure that all your windows are adequately defrosted and that everyone has their seatbelts on.  Ensuring that all of these basics are done will ensure that you are driving as safely as possible. 

Learn self-defense

Learning some basic self-defense will mean that if the situation ever arises, you will be able to defend yourself in some way. You could do this by taking self-defense classes, or you can read about different defense tactics in a place like the urban survival site.

Being able to protect yourself will put your mind at ease when you need to go to new places or travel somewhere in the dark. 

Think about what you share on social media

In the age of social media, people love to share their whole lives, but it is better to edit what you share and keep some things to yourself.  If you are on holiday, and your house is empty, don’t post any photographs or statuses about your holiday, because people will know you are away and it will give them the chance to burgle your home.

This is especially true if you have acquaintances that you don’t know very well on your social media. You should also turn off the location tagging for your social media so that people you don’t want can’t find you.

Be vaguer if you want to show things, as it is not important for everyone to know about everything that you are doing.

How to stay safe: get a home alarm systemHow to stay safe get a home alarm system

A home alarm system is a good deterrent for burglars. There is no need for you to buy an expensive system.  Just having something that can startle them and alert others to their presence is enough to put them off or scare them away before they have the chance to take anything.

Along with your alarms system, you need to make it as hard as possible for anyone to break in.  This means ensuring that all your windows and doors are locked before you leave the house and securing your back garden and garage.

The harder it is for burglars to get into your home, the less likely it is that they will break-in.

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