How to Start a Green Business the Right Way

Written By Alla Levin
March 23, 2020

How to Start a Green Business the Right Way

Going green is a big selling point in today’s markets. People are more environmentally focused than ever before.

Some consumers won’t frequent businesses that don’t take steps to lower their impact on the planet.

Others may be less discerning but will favor a brand that is known to maintain an eco-friendly operation.

Starting a green business can give you a leg up on the competition. That doesn’t mean you should be motivated by profitability only.

This is something that should be done with honesty and commitment.

You shouldn’t go green simply to earn the attention of a demographic.

Instead, you should do it because it is something you truly believe in. If you don’t, someone will eventually notice.

There are many things you can do to take your company in an eco-friendly direction.

The following tips will help you go green when starting a green business.

Let us learn how to start a green business

How to Start a Green Business: Establish a Green Mission Statement and Culture

No matter what industry you are in, your business should nurture a green culture from within. It should appear in your mission statement and goals.

When crafting your mission statement, discuss what you are going to do to reach your goals as well as how you will continue to improve.

You can discuss how you plan to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Also, remember to mention how you will keep the community updated on your efforts.

Include statements related to how you will remain compliant with regulations and laws related to your industry and the environment.

Transparency is a must, so keep the lines of communication open.

Consumers who perceive a company as secretive will be less likely to believe that it is following through with its promises.

You must define what a green company means to you. This will guide you as you make decisions about your product or service.

It also gives you a way to measure progress when working toward environmental goals.

Going green will be a part of your public persona, but it shouldn’t end there.

It should be present from the ground up within every part of your organization.

Use Green Processes and Materials in Your BusinessUse Green Processes and Materials in Your Business

As you begin connecting with suppliers or implementing processes, do so with your green ethics in mind.

Find companies that offer eco-friendly, recycled, and/or recyclable materials.

If possible, seek out local or domestic suppliers as well as those in countries that are known for being good stewards of the environment.

This can be difficult considering some materials are primarily manufactured in countries that aren’t known for being eco-friendly, like China.

If you plan to buy from Chinese suppliers or suppliers in other countries with a similar reputation, look for those that are actively working to improve.

Efforts are underway to bring green manufacturing to China, which is good news for everyone.

For example, the city of Shanghai announced support for a green manufacturing initiative in 2018.

Look for ways to lower your carbon footprint and waste output. If something can be repurposed or recycled, do it.

You can also contact your local waste management company to find out if they offer recycling programs for commercial customers.

Power Your Company with Solar Energy

The solar energy market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years.

Many businesses choose this renewable technology because it is highly adaptable and clean.

It is also inexpensive to use. Once your array is in place, you won’t have to pay for the sunlight collected and converted into consumable energy.

The amount you save with solar will vary depending on your consumption and how much of your power comes from the array.

According to Energy Sage, the average commercial property owner in the United States paid around $1,950 per month for electricity.

That amount dropped to an average of just $500 monthly after installing a new solar system.

Hire a team of reputable electricians like Connect Electric so that you know your installation is done properly.

The money you save on a cheap installation may come back to bite you in the future.

How to Start a Green Business: Build a Network of Like-Minded PartnersBuild a Network of Like-Minded Partners

The company you keep will send a message about where your priorities lie.

Network with fellow business owners who also care about the planet.

Not only is this good for your public image, but it allows you to tap into the vast knowledge of others who have been where you are and found solutions that work.

To get started, you can search for environmental networks and organizations.

There may be a few in your local area as well as bigger networks that operate on a national level.

You can also partner with eco-friendly charities that can help you break into new networking opportunities.

Become an Active Part of the Green Movement

At first, you will likely focus on getting your green business up and running. That’s ok. You have to start somewhere.

However, once you begin picking up momentum, don’t forget to become an active part of the green movement. Participate in local events and spread awareness.

Look for festivals, community days, or conventions in your area and join as a vendor.

You can donate time, money, or supplies to help spread brand awareness.

You can also rent a booth at the event to share information and ideas and let the public know what you are doing to help the planet.

Your participation creates lots of photo opportunities that you can share on social media or in advertisements.

Your presence fortifies the fact that you are dedicated to the cause and are an active member of the community.

Consumers will take notice when they see you at events.

It lets the public get to know you and your employees better, which builds trust and confidence in your brand.

Remember to get creative and come up with other ways your business can go green.

Some methods may be specific to your industry or operation. Get your employees involved to come up with new concepts.

This is also a great way to recognize workers who actively contribute to your organization’s mission statement and culture

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