7 Totally Distinct Brand Instagram Feed Ideas

Written By Alla Levin
April 08, 2020

7 Totally Distinct Brand Instagram Feed Ideas

Often, a well Instagram Feed Design with a consistent visual identity produces results. Here is a round-up for the brand’s most distinct Instagram Feed Ideas Indeed, having an established presence on Instagram can bear amazing fruits. That’s a fact many brands have already come to terms with.

However, how to establish a clear visual identity on this online platform remains a daunting task. Some businesses hire designers to help with creating a fed with a catchy visual message. However, some brands have come up strong in demonstrating how Instagram feed ideas can create an amazing brand look.

They carefully make use of color, images, and other aspects to create an irresistible message. Here, we highlight seven brands that use unique designs, Instagram analytics to create impact and draw all eyes to their brands.

Halo Top Creamery

Despite small advertisements, the “healthy” Ice cream brand Halo Top’s Instagram feed has given it much success. The product’s success is due to its feed, which is presented exuberantly, featuring clean images and discreet color backgrounds. Instagram feed design by Peck Design Associates that have taken the feed a notch higher beyond thumbs up, ultimately making the brand share market with already established competitors.

Owl and The Pussycat Hotel

Service industries like hotels, for example, are yet to tap into the power of consistent visual personalities on Instagram. You would notice that service industries suffer from a loosely curated patchwork of user-generated content despite occasionally throwing in shots from an influencer trip.

However, the Owl and the Pussycat boutique hotel in Sri Lanka clearly stands out from the pack. Their feeds, which are designed by Hermana Creatives, involve collages of images, videos, and stop-motion pieces overlaid with a range of vintage illustrations.

Undeniably, the Instagram feed design from the hotel gets quick recognition even without seeing the logo.


Instagram feed design: Visual aspects are one of the basic considerations in the fashion industry. Designers and fashion brands adopt a different look for a different season before switching to another style with different ties and color patterns.

That’s how Versace does it. The brand’s #VersaceHolidaySaga rhyme with a holiday campaign was developed by Sarah Baker. The feed was themed like a retro Latin soap opera, sending glamour with hazy soft-focus shots that involve treacherous relationships.

Tiffany & Co

A Tiffany and Co jeweler also designs its feeds around capsules, giving back a recognizable visual content. This feed is a perfect example of how a legendary can use an Instagram feed to modernize its appearance for new customer bases.

For example, the egg blue color immediately distinguishes the feed as tiffany, and the storytelling takes the audience to a whole new contemporary world.

Lush cosmeticsInstagram Feed Design

Lush also makes use of varied user-generated content mixed with soap and mud mask images. It also believes in promoting the causes that the brand believes in. The strong design in its feed creates a consistent and credible personality. Cause marketing is now growing, and Lush makes it amazingly integrated as a usual feature in brands’ Instagram feeds.

Femme and FierceInstagram Feed Design

The Femme and Fierce shows that the simplest effects can result in a much recognizable identity. They use more than background color, figures, and clothes to create a recognizable brand style.

Juniper Oats StudioInstagram Feed Design

Juniper Oats Studio is a t-shirt brand. The style exhibited in its Instagram feed design makes their brand recognized. Each of their images blends well in its frames, creating consistent, attractive, and ingenious images. With a consistent color pattern, the device becomes an amazing signature of this brand.

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