Ready to Date Again After a Breakup?

Written By Maya Kinsley
April 10, 2020

5 Signs You Are Ready to Date Again After a Breakup

Going through a painful breakup might kill your desire to date again.

No matter how difficult it was last time, you can’t give your ex the power to control your life.

Yes, your ex wasn’t the best. Or maybe it was you who didn’t play by the rules.

In any case, one day, you will wake up and realize that there is no pain.

How long will it take to get over your ex and start dating other people again?

It mostly depends on you. Here is how you can understand that you are ready to be back on the love market:

You have no hard feelings towards your ex

The day you stop trashing your ex or wanting them back is a success. There will be a moment when you realize that breakup was actually a good thing.

Can you imagine spending another ten years with that person?

They wouldn’t be so great because you clearly had problems in that relationship.

At some point, you will stop checking their social media every day and remembering all little things like what he or she liked eating for breakfast or their favorite party drink.

You will forget these things, and meeting your ex somewhere on the street wouldn’t be such a tragedy.

If you feel like you have no hard feelings towards your ex-partner, it means that you are ready to love and be loved again.

However, if you keep on spying your ex and asking your common friends about him or her, you will not be able to free yourself and have a fresh start.

Date again after a breakup: You are in a good mood

Before you start dating again, you need to stop feeling down after a breakup.

According to Beyond Ages experts, things such as spending time with loved ones, exercising, and sticking to a healthy diet can help you improve your mood.

At this point, you should start accepting and loving yourself. Be your own parent who forces you to iron your shirts, eat more fiber, and workout more often.

A positive attitude towards life is the best indicator of being ready for a new relationship.

Also, it has been proven that happy people look more attractive. So, if you want others to see your real beauty, put a smile on your face.

You feel complete

A lot of people feel lost and lonely after breaking up. If you act needy and want someone to fill the hole you’ve created, it means that you are not ready to date yet.

It’s important to understand that only you can make yourself happy.

You are perfect the way you are, and there is no need to look for someone who will tell you about this.

Don’t look for your other half; look for a kind and smart individual you can build an awesome trusting relationship with!

To feel complete, you need to spend some time with yourself. Solitude will help you determine your strong and weak sides and make a plan.

You can meet so many people and do so many things, and nothing should hold you behind.

Once you realize it, you will be ready to let a new person enter your life!

You know what you need

The last relationship was just a rehearsal before something truly special.

It’s crucial to make conclusions after a breakup so that you won’t drag your previous experience into a new relationship.

Before dating other people, answer these simple questions:

  • What do I want from my next relationship?
  • What can I give my future partner?
  • What I can’t give my future partner?

Also, you can describe your perfect relationship in your diary.

Of course, it might look different in real life, but at least you will know what you want to achieve.

‘The one’ exists only in books and movies. As a person who is going back to the love market, you should be aware of that.

The bottom line

A great relationship comes to those who don’t wait for it. Once you start enjoying your single status, you will see how many attractive people there are around you!

However, before you win the jackpot, you need to accept your past and your present, and get rid of anger.

Of course, taking all these steps will take some time.

However, you are the one who decides how fast you will recover.

Give yourself a chance – so many amazing things are waiting for you!

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