Making Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Written By Alla Levin
April 21, 2020

Making Your Business More Eco-Friendly

Nowadays, thanks to research being carried out by scientists, we’re becoming increasingly aware of how much human activity is harming the planet.  We’re causing climate change. We’re caused by deforestation. We’re destroying habitats.

We’re polluting the oceans and waterways. We’re killing wildlife.  This is all awful, and increasing numbers of us aim to change our ways and live more green and eco-friendly lifestyles. There are so many ways we can do this in our personal lives. We can use public transport instead of driving. We can recycle and compost. We can consume less. We can switch to green home energy suppliers.

But have you considered that your business can be a little more eco-friendly, too? If all the businesses in the world changed their ways and took a more environmentally friendly approach to things, there would be a huge positive changeSo, here are a few ideas that can get you started!

Eco-Friendly Business: Go DigitalMake Your Packaging Eco-Friendly

To reduce paper waste, try to make as many of your processes as digital as possible—invoice by email. Communicate with customers and clients by email rather than sending letters. Send the payslips to your employees by email. Store data digitally rather than printing it out and using paper files. If you do need to use paper for anything, opt for recycled brands.

Make Your Packaging Eco-Friendly

If you sell products, do your utmost to make your packaging as eco-friendly as possible. Avoid bubble wrap. Instead, use paper or cardboard padding. Avoid plastic mailing bags. Instead, use reinforced cardboard Jiffy bags. These are simple changes, but they can make all the difference!

Only Invest in Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Promotional products can be great for raising brand awareness and boosting sales. This is why so many marketing teams across the board use them. The bad news is that so many of these promotional products go to waste and end up in landfill. Instead, why not give out branded products from Earth Friendly Promotions. These items are practical, reusable, and biodegradable, so they don’t impact the planet!

Choose an Electric Company Car

So many companies have company vehicles for employees to get to and from meetings, site checks, exhibitions, etc. When choosing a company car, go green! Opt for an electric car or at least a hybrid. This can significantly reduce emissions.

Choose a Green Energy SupplierChoose a Green Energy Supplier

Businesses need fuel, too. Whether to keep the lights on, keep things warm, or operate the air con in commercial premises. You may be used to your current supplier, but why not check out the rates and tariffs some green energy companies offer?

Most offer really competitive rates, so you may save the planet and some money at the same time! These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. But hopefully, we’ve helped to establish the importance of running an environmentally friendly business! Small changes make all the difference, so get on board and lead by example!

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