Cool Careers That Will Keep You Out Of The Office

Written By Alla Levin
April 25, 2020

Cool Careers That Will Keep You Out Of The Office

Are you tired of being stuck behind a desk?

Perhaps you haven’t started your career journey yet but you are already dreading spending 30% of your life in an office.

Well, you’re not alone because there are plenty of people just like you who hate the idea of the typical office job.

The good news? There are other options that you can consider.

So, here are some cool careers that will keep you out of the stuffy office and in more exciting environments. 

Cool Careers To Take You To The Sky

You might have always dreamed of flying. Perhaps when you were a kid you had actual dreams at night of soaring through the air.

There’s no reason not to turn this into a full career. If you do this, you’ll spend hours of your life in the sky. Is this dangerous?

Flying is actually far less dangerous than flying statistically so keep that in mind. Furthermore, there are lots of avenues here to consider.

For instance, you can think about flying private planes or even teaching others how to fly.

There are lots of pilot programs available that provide you with options like this and that is definitely worth exploring. 

Go Traveling

Alternatively, you could think about spending your career traveling. Again, there are multiple paths to take here and flying could certainly fit the bill.

However, you could also become an event planner. Event planning jobs will be perfect for those who are organized and don’t mind a little pressure.

It also means that you will be able to travel to lots of different locations, particularly as you continue to build up your level of skill and indeed your reputation.

Alternatively, you might even consider setting up a travel website and encouraging an audience to join you on your journeys across the world 

Fitness Instructor

Do you love staying active? If so, then it sounds like a career as a fitness instructor could be the perfect choice for you.

Working as a fitness instructor will ensure that you are able to gain the benefits you want and workout as much as you like.

In fact, working out will be crucial to your business brand because when you recruit clients you’ll need to send the right message.

You definitely need to be in good fighting shape for this career.

However, if you have a passion for sports and exercise then you could definitely earn a lot of money in this particular field. 

ParamedicCool Careers medical school

Or finally, you might be interested in following a career where you can help people. If that’s the case then you could become a paramedic.

The good news here is that you won’t have to go through multiple years of medical school.

Instead, it’s relatively easy to become a paramedic and you will definitely be helping save lives.

You do need to be a people person for this particular position to ensure that you can keep people comfortable and completely at ease. 

We hope this helps you see that there are lots of positions that will allow you to escape your office desk. 

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