9 Reasons to Choose an SUV Over a Car

Written By Alla Levin
May 18, 2020
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Reasons to Choose an SUV or Car

SUV or Car? Every year, different automobile brands launch multiple sport utility vehicle (SUV) variants with impressive capabilities. In a very short span of time, SUVs have become a favorite in the auto industry.

Specially designed for driving in adverse conditions and off-roading adventures, SUVs have become popular with families looking for a new vehicle that offers safety and comfort. Find out what makes an SUV a great choice:

Sturdy Frame

SUVs are built on a stronger truck chassis which makes them durable than your regular cars. Due to its strong and sturdy platform, SUVs such as Ford Edge have a higher safety score, considerably better than a sedan or hatchback in rollover and front crash tests.

More Passenger Capacity

If you have a big family or want to travel with a large group, the normal passenger capacity of a sedan just won’t fulfill your needs. With a strong chassis and large cabin space, SUVs (both full-size and midsize) are able to carry more weight and offer comfortable seating for up to seven or eight passengers.

More Cargo Space

Do you like to go on road trips and want to carry camping equipment or skis gear? Do you need to transport a lot of stuff on a regular basis? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then SUV is the best choice. Did you know that the specs of the Honda Shuttle are excellent for family use?

SUV models are designed with huge cargo space and large enough to carry all your stuff. With adjustable seats, you can modify the cargo space to fit almost any number and size of the gear. All you have to do is fold down the second-row and third-row seating and make more storage areas that can fit easily fit cargo carriers, bike racks, roof racks, etc.

All-weather Maneuvering CapabilitiesSUV or car

You can safely drive through any challenging weather and bad road conditions, depending on the SUV you choose. Whether it’s thick mud, deep snow, heavy rains, sandy dunes, or any similar road condition, the 4X4 (all-wheel-drive) SUVs give you incredible performance over any family car.

Higher Ground Clearance

An SUV provides a high ground clearance because of its truck chassis frames.

Ground clearance is the space between the road and the bottom of the vehicle that allows it to drive over any obstructions.

Whether you are bouncing over speed bumps or going through rough terrain, an SUV will grant you a smoother ride and reduce the risk of getting stuck with higher ground clearance and an impressive suspension system.

Greater Towing Capacity

Many sedan models do have an amazing towing capacity. But due to less power, the weight of the tow is usually limited.

In contrast, most SUVs are designed with powerful engines making them an ideal choice to tow heavy items such as storage trailers, horseboxes, boats, camper, etc.

SUVs have better visibility, advanced grip control, etc., and offer a huge benefit when it comes to towing.

The average towing capacity of compact/mid-size SUVs is 3,700 lbs and for full-size SUVs, it is 7,200 lbs.

Off-road Conditions

Most SUV models are typically fitted with 4 wheel drive capability for off-road driving. With a powerful engine, it has more than enough power to perform well on all terrains.Nowadays, SUVs are equipped with a traction control system to maneuver any challenging road conditions and further assist you to conquer the off-road conditions.

Better Resale ValueSUV vs Car

While there is no certain way of knowing the exact resale value of a car, choosing a brand that is recognized to have a valid resale value is the smart way to go.

Various factors that affect the resale value of a car:

  • Number of owners
  • Flashy colors
  • Aftermarket accessories
  • Insurance cover
  • Service history
  • Brand image

Due to its popularity, SUV is a great investment and you’ll most probably get a good resale price depending on its condition.


SUVs were not exactly fuel-efficient in the past. However, advanced technology has made the current SUV models more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient. It means you will save more money per trip as long as you regularly maintain your SUV over the years.

Conclusion: SUV or Car

SUV offers large cabin space, multiple seating options, higher ground clearance, all-weather and all-terrain driving, and so much more. These benefits are hard to ignore and make it an ideal choice for people who enjoy long road trips.

Browse through a number of high performing SUVs for sale online to enjoy a great time driving with your family or friends.

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