3 Lessons You Learn As You Get Older

Written By Alla Levin
June 17, 2020

3 Lessons You Learn As You Get Older

Aging is like paying taxes: it’s inevitable and constant. When you’re young, you feel totally invincible; but as the years go by, you realize that everyone, everyone, gets old, gets wrinkled, and gets slow. And that is no bad thing. There are lessons you learn as a young person, like how to be a responsible adult, budget your finances, and build relationships.

It seems when you’re young if once you reach a certain age, you stop learning because your life experience has given you everything you need to know. But any older person would tell you this simply isn’t true.

We never stop learning, growing, and changing, even in old age. So what do we learn as we get older? Well, there are many lessons to be learned as you live through the years. Here are three key lessons you learn as you get older.

Appearance Doesn’t Matter As Much As Anyone ThinksAppearance Doesn’t Matter As Much As Anyone Thinks

Especially in today’s society, looking good seems like the number one priority for many people. Having a sculpted body or the nicest hair takes up so much of young people’s energy and time.

This is often down to societal pressures to live up to body standards that are mostly unreachable. Plus, when young people do look healthy and beautiful, often they don’t even believe it.

Once you get older, you realize that your appearance worries as a youngster were totally unfounded. You’ll look back on your youth and wonder how you ever thought badly of yourself!

Appearances fade away and there’s nothing much we can do about it – so focusing on your personality, your inner wellbeing, and your health is much more important.

Health is WealthHealth is Wealth

This phrase is commonly used, but it’s so true. The biggest investment you can make in your younger years is in your physical and mental wellbeing. As you age, your body becomes less capable – and the more solid foundations you build as a young person will allow your body to cope better with aging. 

If your health does suffer from factors outside of your control, like hearing loss or dementia, you can learn more about the ways you can take care of yourself from doctors. There is always a way to improve your situation; this is much easier if you have the foundations in place. 

Keep Your Friends Close

As you become older, you’ll begin to understand that your friendship circle need not be enormous and sprawling. Since the birth of social media, we often feel that having the most ‘followers’ or ‘friends’ will make us happy.

However, having lots of people in your circle who don’t really know you for you, doesn’t mean much when the going gets tough. Life will throw curveballs at you, and when things get difficult, your close friends will be there by your side. Nurture your relationships with true friends and you will find yourself with a support network who are always there for you, no matter what. 

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