Simple Ways to Find Inspiration for Social Media Posts

Written By Alla Levin
August 06, 2020

Writer’s Block? Discover These Simple Ways to Find Inspiration for Social Media Posts

Business marketing and social media go hand in hand. These days it’s safe to say that possessing a strong online presence is crucial to the success of your business.

However, to utilize your social media influence and use it to your full advantage you’re going to need to post high-quality content on a regular, often scheduled basis.

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Getting the balance between promotional and non-promotional content isn’t easy. A constant barrage of advertising won’t go down well with your followers.

After all, social media is there to provide entertainment and somewhere for people to socialize, whereas relentless advertising simply results in turning off potential customers and bring the ones you’re clinging onto.

So, other than posting about your products, what else could you post about?

How else can you keep your followers engaged with your posts and ensure that they choose you over your competitors?

Here we’ll explore some simple ways you can find inspiration for your social media posts.

Inspiration for Social Media Posts: Share other contentShare other content

Sharing someone else’s content doesn’t mean stealing another influencers’ or business’s idea.

It actually means you can reshare content that your followers might find interesting.

It shows that you’re open to ideas, thoughts and you’re conscious of what is popular, or is a topic of concern at the moment.

For example, a post about successful ocean clean-ups that was initially posted on another website would share the same values as your eco-friendly business and would be of interest to your followers.

By tagging the original creator in your shared posts will enhance the reach of your content and you’re more likely to be seen elsewhere on social media – always make sure to credit where you’re sharing the content from.

Use quotes

Is there a quote that you love that really correlates with your business ethos? Or are you all about championing local business?

Whatever quotes you find inspiring; they could be ideal content for your social media accounts.

Quotes are memorable and very shareable, which again means more exposure online but you must make sure that they are relevant in some way.

Be wary of “over-quoting” on social media, otherwise, the tone and the sincerity of your messages can become watered down.

Pop culture is your friendPop culture is your friend

Whether there’s a classic TV show that people just can’t stop quoting, or there’s a new song or craze on TikTok that’s got everyone mimicking it, see if you can get on board.

If something big is happening online, you can use it to your advantage.

Connecting with your audience or potential customers is easy when you have common ground!

These kinds of posts can start conversations on your pages and get more of your content shared across social media.

And finally, share your customer photos!

Made lots of sales lately? Ask your followers and satisfied customers to take pictures of your products when they arrive.

Posting this kind of content on your page makes those customers feel special and directly connected to you.

It’s also a way of highlighting how popular your products are and how satisfied your customers are with your services!

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