5 Fun Easter Decoration Ideas for a Beautiful Easter

Written By Alla Levin
August 11, 2020

Fun Easter Decoration Ideas for a Beautiful Easter

Are you ready to bring in the spring with some Easter celebrations? Make the holiday even more festive with whimsical Easter decoration ideas for your home. We’ve got five great ideas to get you started and stoke your creativity.

Make an Egg Countdown Basket

Think of this as an Easter cousin to the Christmas advent calendar. The concept is very much the same. Using a wicker basket you already have on hand, lay down faux moss at the base and add twelve colorful plastic eggs.

In each egg, place a small candy or chocolate or another treat. Then twelve days before Easter, set out the basket to begin the countdown to Easter. Each day, the appropriate numbered egg is twisted open, and the treat is enjoyed.

Place Flowers in Various ReceptaclesPlace Flowers in Various Receptacles

Do you have your favorite spring and summer tchotchkes? Doctor them up with fresh-cut blooms. Put some hydrangea or an Easter lily in an antique milk glass vase or glossy periwinkle blue pitcher. Adorn small spots in your bathroom or hallways by placing small stalks of Lily of the Valley in old perfume bottles or antique tea tins. (Both are available on the internet.)

Or consider painting Mason jars in warm pastel shades to use as centerpiece vases. Toss some ornamental kale or cabbage into your flower arrangements. Not only will they add unique texture, but they’ll also pay homage to the vegetable-loving Easter bunny.

Create an Easter Egg TreeCreate an Easter Egg Tree

If the early spring winds have brought down some branches in your yard, use them to make an Easter egg tree. You can use either blown-out eggs you decorated or faux craft eggs. Using a 20-inch piece of thin ribbon and hot glue, attach the bottom of each egg to the middle point of the ribbon.

Wrap the ribbon around the egg and hot glue it to the top of the egg. Wait for them to dry before tying onto the branches and trimming any excess ribbon.

Craft a Jordan Almond WreathEaster Decoration Ideas

A beautiful wreath made from egg-shaped Jordan almonds looks good enough to eat. Of course, the addition of hot glue makes them less appetizing. Just take a 12-inch Styrofoam wreath, and beginning on the inside of the circle, hot glue the almonds into place.

Overlapping a few of them will add texture and dimension. Continue circling toward the outer edges until the wreath is covered. Hang with a pretty piece of ribbon.

Decorate With Tissue Pom-PomsEaster Decoration Ideas

Simple tissue pom-poms can dress up a spring tablescape or chandelier. Layer six to 10 sheets of standard-sized tissue paper and fold them width-wise in an accordion-fold pattern. Cut both ends of the folded tissue paper into a point and bind the tissue center with florist wire. Tie a ribbon around the wire if you wish to suspend the pom-pom. Gently pull apart the layers of the tissue paper and fluff them to form a flower-like sphere.

Enjoy These Simple Easter Decoration Ideas

Try out any or all of the above Easter decoration ideas and spruce up your Easter celebration this year. Wishing you a warm and colorful holiday! And for more great articles on living the most interesting life, keep checking back with our blog.

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