Marketing Recovery: Be More Human And Open

Written By Alla Levin
August 11, 2020

Marketing Recovery: Be More Human And Open

Now that normal life seems to be bravely resuming, we should remember that our customers must never be taken for granted. Business is fragile at the moment and people are losing their jobs left right and center.

You don’t have to be one of those businesses that have to tell their employees that some of them will not be returning. It all relies on your marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at why this is important.

You have lost some loyal customers but you have also lost your market share. Marketing will bring back your organic growth and also, make your loyal customers feel happy that you’re still the same old company they have grown to know and love.

SEO content

Content doesn’t have to be dreary, it can be incredibly exciting, and make customers feel they know more about you. This can only occur if you write more in an informative tone than a sales tone.  You must engage in clever and educational SEO strategies

  • Make sure that you have inbound links from credible sources such as news outlets. This involves giving the media a heads up about your content and the things you’re doing. This can take form in the place of a workplace guide and or a press release of products and or services that are being created.
  • Always give yourself room to maneuver, so don’t jump ahead too much and reveal too much. Give your readers exclusive content that the media has to report on and link back to your business blog, but don’t show your hand so customers will release secrets.
  • Email marketing is still highly recommended because it’s cheap, affordable, and spreads the widest quickly. You can always reconnect with your loyal customers and inform them that you’re back in business.
  • Create a discount or coupon campaign to get customers back on board and shopping with you again. This can be done with the promotion of inventory that you haven’t sold yet or perhaps promoting a new product in line with older products. For example, a new smartphone that is compatible with previous apps or hardware such as earphones.

Take more selfies

Businesses have to put a face to their name. Even before the pandemic occurred, marketing fields were imploring businesses to become more human.  But some CEOs chose to put another face on their business, aside from their own.

Now is the time to connect with customers and show that there are human beings behind the titles of CEO, CFO, CRO, etc. Take a look at Backlight where they have amazing articles on how to use your smartphone for selfies.

They have so many tips on what you can do to look your best, get the best angles, use the editing software correctly, etc. their 10 iPhone settings for photos is very popular because it shows some hidden tips which most users didn’t even think about.

Marketing Recovery: Upload Zoom callsUpload Zoom calls

People want to know more about business and how it works. Uploading your company meetings to a video-sharing website or onto social media could be brilliant for your PR.  Be sure that nothing secret was discussed in the meeting, and it should focus mainly on ideas, concepts, and how you intend to improve your products.

Recording your zoom meeting is easy. The recording feature is within the software itself and it can be easily uploaded to YouTube.  But why would you do this?

  • Show your customers that you listen to their feedback and care about their opinions. You can discuss the feedback you have gotten and what you think about it. All employees in the meeting should have their say, as it’s important to hear from all levels and voices.
  • Show that you have a structure in your meetings and that it’s not always about the money. Talk about the kinds of projects that you’re doing, marketing, developing, researching, and risk management, etc. 
  • Zoom calls are fascinating because they show customers that it takes time for ideas to come to fruition. It’s also a chance to show your professional and personal personality. You won’t come over as such a robot in your interviews if customers know that you have to wear a professional and human hat at the same time.
  • It’s also a good idea to allow random customers to join the zoom call in a Q&A period. This again, shows you’re open to people from the outside asking your tough questions and how open you are.

It’s time to open back up and let the customers in. let’s begin by making sure we are not forgotten. Businesses must invest in Marketing Recovery, more than ever before.

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