What Are the 6 Luckiest Lottery Numbers?

Written By Alla Levin
September 16, 2020
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What Are the 6 Luckiest Lottery Numbers?

Who wouldn’t want to win a lottery? Probably most people wouldn’t mind the extra cash. Unfortunately, chances of that happening are about one in 300 million – while it might seem like the odds are not in your favor, always remember that it is not impossible.

What’s more, you can increase your chances of winning by buying additional tickets or learning more about the lucky numbers. Lucky numbers are those that have been drawn the most times. If you’ve ever wanted to play the lottery online, you’ve come to the right place. We also recommend checking out our list of the best online lottery sites if you just want to dive right in.

Depending on the kind of lottery you play, the lucky numbers will probably differ. For example, the Arizona lottery’s lucky number will most likely differ from those for California or New York lotteries. Want to find out more about those luckiest lottery numbers? Well, all you have to do in that case is to keep reading. 

Luckiest Lottery Numbers: Is Number 7 as Lucky as People Think?

Luckiest Lottery Numbers

In many cultures, number seven is perceived as a lucky number – mostly because of its significance in the Bible. However, is that the case for the lottery? Not really. Number seven has never appeared in any of the biggest jackpot draws. However, as studies have shown, it is 25% more likely to be picked by people than any other number.

That’s probably a good reason to stay away from it – not only is it unlikely that it will be drawn but also, even if it will, more people will have the same numbers, so the price will have to be split adequately.

Remember that every lottery ball has an equal chance of being drawn. However, to some, it just happens way more often. We analyzed the data and found the lucky numbers for the two biggest multi-state lotteries in the United States. Check how to win the lottery with lucky numbers according to a zodiac sign.

Lucky Mega Millions Numbers

According to the USA Mega, the most common numbers drawn in Mega Millions since October 31, 2017, are 10, 31, 17, 48, 70, and 8. 10 and 31 were drawn 31 times, 17 was drawn 30 times, 48 and 17 were drawn 29 times, and eight was drawn 28 times.

Several numbers were also drawn 28 times – those numbers are 14, 43, and 62. When it comes to the Mega Ball, the lucky numbers are 22, 9, 11, 20, 4, and 10. Number 22 was drawn 19 times, 9 and 11 were drawn 16 times, 20 was drawn 15 times, while 4 and 10 were drawn 14 times.

Lucky Powerball Numbers

When it comes to Powerball, the six lucky numbers are 23, 32, 61, 64, 69, and 62. 23 was drawn 53 times, and 32, 61, and 64 were drawn 49 times, 69 was drawn 48 times, and 62 was drawn 45 times. What’s more, several numbers were drawn 44 times – precisely 03, 12, 21, 59, and 68.

When it comes to Powerball, the six luckiest numbers are 21, 24, 18, 3, 13, and 6. Numbers 21 and 24 were drawn 28 times, 18 were drawn 24 times, 3 and 13 were drawn 23 times, and six were drawn 22 times. Keep in mind that these statistics concern the last five years, as that was when the number matrix was last changed.

What Does Science Say about the Lucky Numbers?

As we said, a lot when it comes to lucky numbers depends on the type of lottery you are playing. From f1 2022 betting, scientists prepared a study that analyzed the winning numbers from fifteen international lotteries drawn between July 2016 and June 2017. According to their findings, number 16 was drawn 191 times, number 22 was drawn 179 times, 28 and 37 were drawn 167 times, 6 was drawn 166 times, and 3 was drawn 164 times.

The lotteries they analyzed were: EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Irish Lotto, UK Lotto, French Lotto, SuperEnalotto, German Lotto, OZ Powerball, Australian Monday Lotto, Australia Lotto, Australian Wednesday Lotto, Australian Saturday Lotto, Mega Sena, US MegaMillions, and the US Powerball.

Apart from finding out more about the lucky numbers, they created a list of numbers. It’s better to stay away from it when playing international lotteries. During the year they were performing the study, the number 18 was drawn only four times.

Other numbers found on this list are 46,40, 41, 32, and 36 – all of them were drawn less than eight times.

Luckiest Lottery Numbers: The Bottom LineWhat Does Science Say about the Lucky Numbers

While chances of winning a lottery are one in 300 million, they are not zero – winning a lottery is not impossible (but still – harder to win than, for example, it is in sports betting). Stories of hundreds of winners are proof of that.

Besides, there are several ways to increase your chances of winning – one of them is learning about the lucky numbers for the particular lottery. Every number has an equal chance of being drawn; however, there are some to which it happened more often.

Even though placing those numbers does not guarantee a winning ticket, nothing stops you from buying more than one ticket and testing this theory for yourself – besides, buying more tickets can help you increase the chances of winning.

Good luck!

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