What Elements Does Your Business Website Need?

Written By Alla Levin
November 19, 2020

Business Website Elements: What Elements Does Your Business Website Need?

Simply put, your business website needs to incorporate many different elements. That’s probably not the statement you wanted to read. Yet if you want to stand out in an increasingly competitive online market, it’s essential you cover as many of these elements as possible.

You also have to consider that your website is a representation of your business. Even if you’re not selling any products or services online, the site needs to let customers know exactly about your company’s services, goals, and overall mission. To avoid a confusing and poorly designed online presence, the following tips will highlight the main elements your business website requires. Check some web design improvements to make to your B2M website.

Simplicity on the surfacecreate an e-commerce website

For a responsive, high-quality website, a lot of work is required under the hood. However, the actual site design needs to hide all of this complexity, ensuring it is simple and easy-to-use for your customers.

Say you use Magento to create an e-commerce website. Now, if you’re incorporating various categories and products, this could quickly become a jumbled mess without the right site structure and navigation. Due to the importance – and difficulty – of creating a site like this, many will opt for a specialist. For instance, MageCloud is a Magento developer London company that can craft an effective and efficient e-commerce platform.

Offer multiple ways for visitors to get in touch

It’s not simply a case of supplying an email address for visitors. You need to offer an assortment of contact details – and they have to be easy to find by your customers. You can place these details in the top left or right corner of the site regarding the latter.

As for ways, they can get in touch, consider:

  • Contact form
  • Email address
  • Live chat
  • Telephone
  • WhatsApp
  • Social media

Create original and high-quality content

Even if you have the perfect framework in place, your website won’t succeed if it doesn’t feature the right content. Along with the content being crafted with your audience and a specific tone of voice in mind, you also have to pay careful attention to SEO.

When it comes to SEO, ensure your content incorporates relevant, targeted keywords, is free from any grammatical errors, and, above all else, is completely original. If you want Google and other search engines to play ball, you need to follow all current SEO guidelines.

Open up for reviews

Customers like reviews. They like to read these reviews to gain an idea of the credibility and quality of your business. If they see your website is populated with a collection of positive – and genuine reviews, guess what: their trust in your company increases, and they’re more open to buying your products and services.

Business Website Elements: Stay fresh

An old business website is not going to do any favors for you. In fact, a site that hasn’t been updated for a year or two could be off-putting to many potential customers.

While certain pages don’t require regular updates, such as ‘About us’ and ‘Contact us,’ others fall under that category. For example, if you utilize a blog, this should be populated with fresh content on at least a monthly basis.

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