Best App Store Optimization Strategies

Written By Alla Levin
April 01, 2021

Best App Store Optimization Strategies

Let’s imagine that you have a great idea of a wonderful app that should definitely be in the first position according to downloads. But every developer should know that if you won’t work on it hard enough, then you will not achieve any success and all work will be done for nothing. There are a lot of different things that should be developed wisely and attentively. One of them is the pre-launch marketing plan and its main part — the App Store Optimization strategy.

What is ASO?

It is the set of works aimed at increasing the position of the application in the application store. Internal optimization (title, description, keywords), number of installs, and user reviews affect how well the store will treat your application. On the first stage of ASO you need to analyze your competitors: in which categories their applications are placed, what texts they use in titles and descriptions, which search queries are guided by. You need to analyze how much traffic you will get if you use the same keywords.

ASO can be divided into two parts – technical and visual. The technical ASO is a kind of analog of the search engine optimization of an application in the app store. It includes several factors:

  • title (and the keywords in it);
  • description (try to mention what makes your application the best among other similar apps);
  • number of downloads,
  • reviews / ratings. It is always important to work with the reviews, especially with negative ones. If the users see your technical support replies to negative reviews, it builds trust as they see that you care.

Visual ASO deals with the name of the application, its icon, screenshots, and videos. All of them affect the user’s decision to install the application, so the most successful options are selected with the help of A / B testing. Several versions of the title, description, and visual elements are being developed for testing. Testing itself can be carried out on a landing page that simulates an app store page – attracting traffic there through advertising. As a result, the options have selected that show the highest conversion rate from page view to the app install.

App Store Optimization Strategies: ASO To Be Done On an Ongoing BasisApp Store Optimization

This way, you can take into account various market changes – the appearance of competitors, changes in demand for applications, trends, etc.

To avoid common mistakes when promoting apps, it is enough to follow a few proven practices:

  1. Work carefully with the icon and title. One of the most important factors in deciding whether to install an application is its name and icon. Therefore, they should simply convey the essence of the application and its benefits;
  2. Use different channels. According to ComboApp DE mobile marketing agency, you shouldn’t spend your entire advertising budget on one tool. Try several different advertising options, test it – find the best solution, because they will definitely work out together;
  3. Calculate the median plan in advance. Before you start promoting your application, you need to calculate the advertising budget. To do this, answer yourself a few questions: how many installs you want to receive (or other targeted actions, such as in-app purchases); deadlines for achieving goals; cost of one installation, etc;
  4. Change creatives. In the mobile sector, ads “burn out” much faster. Fight for the attention of your potential user, and you will see results;
  5. Set up analytics. Take your time and set up good quality analytics. It is important to consider not only the effectiveness of advertising campaigns but also the behavior of the users they brought.

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