How CRM Solutions Can Help Your Marketing Team

Written By Alla Levin
November 30, 2020

How CRM Solutions Can Help Your Marketing Team

Alt: A color wheel showing important areas of customer satisfaction, giving an insight into how CRM solutions can help your marketing team. To succeed as a marketeer today, you must be able to jump into customers’ shoes and look at your company with their eyes. Consumers are getting bombarded every day with hundreds and hundreds of offers for different products and services.

Over 95% of those offers contain irrelevant material, and marketing teams need a more sophisticated approach than going for the “one size fits all” promotions. Let’s see how CRM solutions can help your marketing team in creating customer-specific promotions and elevate your business to the next level.

CRM Software Helps you to Improve Customer Experience Through Focused Targeting

The personalization feature in CRM will greatly affect the customer experience. Focused targeting is the number one trend in today’s marketing world, and it achieves much better results.

To attract the attention of potential buyers, every marketeer must look at large chunks of customer data, concentrate on important information, and create a personalized offer for every customer.

All buyers have different needs, and CRM software gives you everything you need to determine what those needs are. If you aren’t sure which CRM software to pick, we recommend Monday sales CRM.

Putting a smile on your customers’ faces is the number one priority of your marketing team. CRM software helps them do that in no time. Reaching out to the customers with this personalized approach heeds much better results than creating a default offer and pressing the “Send to All” button.

Segmentation Made Easymarketing segmentation

The usual way marketers sift through client data to look for interesting customers is to divide them by age, jobs, or even industry. However, that is not enough anymore.

Consumers have a more focused area of interest that does not have to align with their age or their profession. CRM software allows a more specific segmentation that does not only focus on account-based marketing (industry, age, job). There is a possibility to analyze customer activity, likes and dislikes, already purchased products, what kind of e-mails they read and reply to, or what their social media activity is.

This is a very useful tool that will help you create detailed customer profiles, resulting in an increase in all marketing metrics, both B2C and B2B oriented.

CRM Software Has Very Sophisticated Reporting Features

Creating detailed customer profiles, tracking sales and leads, and managing your entire business with CRM software needs sophisticated reporting tools to track all the changes.

Tracking revenue and using forecasting reports will help the marketing team produce better results. A few years ago, the most important skill at a marketing agent’s disposal was to respond to a situation and react in the best way to attract clients. However, with efficient reporting solutions, marketers are now able to predict the outcome even before it happens.

Caption: The power of CRM analytics is a must-have feature for any company.

Alt: Colored pencils in a row below the word “analytics” written in white letters, and a person pointing to it.

This may prevent potential problems that could occur during the marketing campaign.

Create Personalized Content

With everything mentioned, the best way in which CRM solutions can help your marketing team is to analyze customers and create personalized content. This means no more anonymous approaches that focus on “Dear Customer”, or “Greetings Friend.”

Personalized content does not mean just talking about products or services the client is interested in. It also includes addressing the customer by his or her name and bringing the conversation to a more intimate level.

Generate More Leads and Increase Conversions

With the personalized approach mentioned in the previous chapter, it becomes really simple and easy to use the gathered information to generate more leads and improve conversions.

Since your clients are using your website, this is a great opportunity to tailor all pages to meet their requirements and increase visits to important pages.

As a result, the website visitors may turn into returning customers or commit to a purchase.

The marketing team’s feedback about customer needs and requirements should be used to improve all aspects of the business, not just create efficient marketing campaigns.

Clone the Blueprint for Success

Business automation is always the best way to reduce expenses and simplify daily processes. CRM solutions like MoversTech CRM offer that possibility.

The best way for a marketing team to improve is to analyze all projects, whether they were successful or not. By understanding what works and what is a waste of time, CRM software allows you to pinpoint the most efficient strategies, create a blueprint for a successful campaign, and clone it when needed.

It cuts the planning time and prevents repetitive processes.

A Single Platform for all Your Needs

If you ever worked in a large corporation, you probably experienced the hell of having ten different applications to manage different areas of your business. Applications that almost always need a workaround for a specific process that the department needs.

Caption: CRM software helps unify all teams by using a single platform to keep all customer data.

Alt: Colored plastic pins on a piece of paper, connected with lines.

CRM solutions can help your marketing team keep all their work on a single platform. This is a fantastic way to make it easy for employees to do their tasks without messing with too many applications. It is also a strategy to boost the financial health of your company. Paying for one CRM solution is better than purchasing licenses for multiple applications.

CRM Software Improves the Communication Between All Teams Within the CompanyCRM Software

As mentioned, using a single platform to manage all marketing processes is greatly beneficial to the marketing team. However, it is also an efficient way to help all teams communicate using the same platform.

Customer profiles are not only used in marketing. They are also required for finances, sales, and many other teams.

By having customer data on a single platform, you are allowing all teams to use one channel to share information.

Prevent Data Duplication And the Loss of Data

This also stops data duplication or possible loss of data within teams. If the financial department uses one platform to update customer data, and the marketing team uses another, both profiles may be incomplete. By using a CRM tool, all teams can update customer profiles in a single place.

CRM Solutions Can Help Marketing Team Brand Your BusinessCRM Solutions

Let’s do a quick summary of all the benefits a CRM software brings to the table:

  • a more personalized approach in communicating with customers
  • creating tailored content for segmented groups of customers
  • access to analytics and forecasting reports
  • using the same platform within all teams
  • preventing loss of data

As you can see, CRM solutions can help your marketing team not only improve efficiency and increase sales but also brand your company in the long run. This useful tool is a requirement for every marketing team. By using it, you are gaining an edge over competitors in the industry!

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