Overcoming Those Life Challenges

Written By Alla Levin
December 11, 2020

Overcoming Those Life Challenges

Life isn’t straightforward for most people. Every once in a while, there will be several challenges that present themselves to us. It is essential always to remember that challenges vary per person, and what one person can overcome quickly might need time to process. 

Here are a few ways that you can overcome the challenges that are presented in your life. 


It would help if you had the primary plan, a backup plan, and a spare plan too. For example, if you are awaiting exam results, they might be what you need; they might not be. Have a plan for both. You could look for options that don’t require specific grades or even those results in this example. You’d look for no GMAT, no prerequisite, or no entry requirement courses. And change your path, but keep the destination the same. 

Feelingsno GMAT 

You must give yourself to process what you feel about the situation. It is quite possible that when things have a big impact, you have negative feelings about them. If you try to suppress or ignore these feelings, you are doing yourself harm in the long run. 

The loss of a plan or an idea still counts as a loss, and you will need to adjust your course and let yourself miss or get upset about what you had been planning. It might not take long before you get from feeling awful about a situation to feeling excited and ready for the new challenge. Accept, embrace, and work with those feelings. 


There is usually more than one signal path to a destination. With some research, you can find other people who have gone through a similar situation. Reading their experiences will give you some insight into how many options you still have open. Remember, even if you are working in a garage with no money, some of the greatest and most profitable businesses started there. 


Setting goals is the best way for you to achieve something. As well as a large goal, there should be multiple smaller ones on the way. In this can, something didn’t work out with the final goal. The great thing about setting goals is that you can change your own goalposts. You can set a new goal that can help you meet your next wishes. 


Reframe challenges from something negative that is holding you back to something positive that can help you grow. We should all be aiming for; challenges can be the perfect way to make that a reality. 


Pause to give yourself time to breathe and think. It can be easy to make quick decisions that can change the rest of your life – but really, a little moment of reflection and thought can change how you approach the next few steps in life. 

And finally, talk it over with someone impartial. Even just as a sounding board, this can be very helpful. Verbalizing your thoughts can let you try them on for size and see how they feel. 

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