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How Customization Will Help Increase Brand Awareness

Why is it essential to increase brand awareness? When consumers seek a solution to their problem, the companies they’ve heard of are the ones they’ll turn to first. Brand awareness puts you in the game and ups your chances of reaching your target audience.

In a recent Edelman survey, 81% of consumers said they had to trust a brand before making a purchase. Gaining the trust of savvy buyers isn’t easy at any time, but if they’ve never heard of your company before, you have a steeper hill to climb.

Of all the different things you do to increase brand awareness, you may have overlooked customization as an option. Giving buyers what they want, the way they want it puts your name out there. Therefore, it is recommended that you must use custom boxes with logo as it will help you gain more word-of-mouth marketing and better recognition in circles that matter to your company’s growth

Most people buy from a company they know or have interacted with. Meeting unmet needs is an excellent way to gain new business. Here are some significant ways to put customization to work for you and outpace your competition:

Customize Packaging

The outside of your shipping boxes and even the information inside needs a personalized touch. While you likely print your boxes in bulk, there is no need for a plain mailing package. Instead, print your company logo and tagline on the packaging.

Inside the box, add a custom letter to each customer. Thank them for their business and mention what they’ve purchased. You can even offer suggestions for similar items they might like.

You can complete much of your customization work via your database, so don’t worry too much about the extra time personalization takes. You’ll gain loyal fans who’ll spread the word about your company.

Let Them Build Ittf draper

People are getting used to buying things that aren’t so cookie cutter. If there is any way of customizing what you sell, let your customers choose options and build their own version. They’ll have something unique they love, and you’ll have a happy client.

Some things you can easily change include color, size, materials, and design.

TF Draper offers a feature where customers can start with a basic garage door and build it the way they want. Users can upload a photo of their house, see what different styles look like, and make tweaks until they have the door of their dreams.

The ability to see what the door looks like on their house or a similar model helps the user envision the purchase. Customers can change anything they don’t like and have the assurance that they’ll treasure their investment.

Capture New Leads

Consumers often have a particular look in mind but can’t find what they desire. Imagine the young bride who wants all her groomsmen to have ties that match the bows on the bridesmaids’ floral arrangements.

Adding customization may lead to new markets you haven’t yet explored. Look at your customer demographics. Next, look at your competitors’ audiences. Are there any underserved groups or audiences who you can serve better?

Meet Specific Needs TF Draper

You may be able to attract elite customers who typically spend more money on high-end products. Address their pain points with target precision. Rather than thinking of your business as another generic solution that doesn’t work for them, they’ll see you have accounted for their individual needs and come up with a particular answer.

Function of Beauty uses quizzes to find out what specific beauty product needs potential customers have. Based on a series of steps, they then create a package formulated to solve issues such as dry hair, oily skin, or acne breakouts.

You’ll pick your hair type from a handful of choices such as wavy, fine, and normal or dry. Next, they’ll find out what your goals are for your hair. Do you want to fix split ends, reduce frizz or add shine? You can even choose scents.

Increase Brand Awareness: Keep Current Customers

Customize your emails and communication to your customers. Use your database to see what they’ve purchased in the past. Send a note to make sure they’re still happy with the purchase and mention a few new products you think they might like.

The more personal the communication feels, the more likely the customer will feel loyal to your company and continue buying from you rather than another brand.

Become the Topic of Conversation

When people use custom products, their friends, family, and co-workers ask where they got the items. Talk around the water cooler or kitchen table leads to beautiful conversations that shed light on your brand and what you do.

One example might be a pet food company that formulates food to meet dogs’ allergy needs. Suppose the vet mentions how much healthier the animal’s coat looks. The customer tells them what pet food brand they are using and how much it has helped. The veterinarian then mentions the brand to another customer whose dog is having skin issues due to allergies.

Customization leads to more opportunities for social mentions and conversations and helps you gain leads. Don’t be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone to personalize products. New companies benefit significantly from the exposure customization brings.

Increase Brand Awareness: Be Their Go-To

Meeting your customers’ needs sets you apart from the competition. The better you understand your target audience’s pain points, the quicker and more efficiently you can solve their problems.

Become the brand they think of any time they need to buy something in your industry. You want them to turn to you because they know you’ll meet their needs even if the item isn’t in your catalog. Intense loyalty is more potent than any paid advertisement.

Designerly MagazineEleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. Eleanor was the creative director and occasional blog writer at a prominent digital marketing agency before becoming her own boss in 2018.

She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and dog, Bear.

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