Top 9 Best Newest Smartphones to Choose in 2021 

Written By Alla Levin
February 02, 2021
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Newest Smartphones to Choose in 2021 

The range of smartphones right now is so huge that you have to think hard to choose a worthy device for yourself. Many of them can boast excellent features matching the needs and preferences of most users – the ease of handling, the camera capable of making instant shoots of decent quality, a powerful processor, and long battery life. 

However, these characteristics vary from model to model. So, if you are determined to decide on a smartphone fit for your lifestyle, we encourage you to look at the most significant features of up and coming smartphones produced lately. For more on the latest technologies and gadgets, visit

So, here are the top-ranked devices worthy of a second glance. 

Newest Smartphones: Apple iPhone 12

If you are looking for a smartphone to fit this age in all areas, iPhone 12 (along with iPhone 12 Pro) will satisfy you. Stunning camera shots, exclusive OLED display that is big enough but doesn’t feel like a huge thing to hold, 5G, technically sound insides – all of this will make your day-to-day use effective, fast, and comfortable.

Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraNewest Smartphones

Like many Samsung phones, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is an impressive phone model well deserving to stand beside the newest iPhone. In 2020, Samsung used extra powerful processors in all the phones it launched, which cannot be left unnoticed. 

For everyone using a smartphone for work, travel, and need processing huge amounts of data, the 512 GB of internal storage and the camera lens having the maximum 108 MP resolution and a powerful zoom will be more than enough. The battery in this phone will last even longer than in the iPhone 12, which allows you to get a lot out of the phone without thinking of recharging.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

While not jumping far from the price of the Samsung Galaxy S21, this cheaper version includes a fairly spectacular camera, 10 MP front-facing camera, and as much as 8K 24 fps video from the back camera. The display is above any praise, which is typical for Samsung manufacturers and makes a huge plus in every Samsung smartphone. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

The much-praised iPhone 11 Pro has already become a favorite device for many exceeding iPhone 11 in the new camera sensors and widened lens, allowing to take photos with a 120-degree viewing angle, optical image stabilizer, and conveying even natural muted colors. The duration of usage without recharging is also improved in this model, reaching 13 hours in a row. Besides, its powerful charging power supply now takes 18 watts letting your iPhone charge just in 100 minutes. Cases for iPhone 11 Pro are easy to find, too – check out a unique version of a wood iPhone 11 Pro case.  

Apple iPhone SE 2020

Among the one-hand-friendly smartphones, this model has a special value due to combining the pluses of iPhone 11, iPhone 7, and 8. Though its screen comes a bit wider than in iPhone SE, it is still very convenient. Cameras here won’t make the wow-effect, but if you are up to the shots with enough depth both indoors and outdoors and impressive night mode, the device will not disappoint. What strikes as unusual in SE 2020 is the lightweight and relatively low price for a new iPhone. 

Google Pixel 5Google Pixel 5

This average smartphone is included at the top because its functions and the latest Google software make the device everything one needs looking for a basic smartphone. Its screen won’t come close to a Samsung’s or iPhone’s screen, but its price makes it a good decision – just $699 for the smartphone that serves for ages and takes breathtaking photos thanks to Google photo and video creation algorithms. 

Newest Smartphones: Motorola Razr

If light and thin smartphones like Samsung, Sony, or Xiaomi don’t seem reliable to you, foldable phones like this will make a good choice. Besides, compared to Samsung smartphones of the same type, this one has pretty much the same storage space, a nearly 48-MP camera, and a lasting battery. Anyway, the phone is worth purchasing, at least because of the funny shell it makes after folding. 

Google Pixel 4 XLGoogle Pixel 4 XL

This model looks like an iPhone in many areas (like a glass body) but inside, it contains a big range of technologies prevalent exclusively for Google smartphones. It includes an SD card connector, motion sense, dust protection, and a long time of battery work – this is not the full list of surprises yet. Yet, a phone like Pixel 4 XL will always need a phone case since the glass surface is a perfect place for fingerprints to stay and be seen. Anyway, it’s not a problem to choose a nice bumper with any design such as those available on

Newest Smartphones: One Plus 8

Among Android phones, the OnePlus smartphone seems to be a strong rival to Samsung and Apple due to its amazing built and unique features. Wireless charging with the increased speed, good zoom in the camera, quad lens allowing photos in high resolution, a high battery capacity, 5G, and great power – all of these features are above average and make this model one of the most attractive purchases for 2021, especially considering its price (as for a competitive smartphone).

Every device on this list is an excellent choice if you need to renew your smartphone. Luxury models such as iPhone 12, 11, and Samsung will make you part with a good sum of money, so if your goal is to buy a budget-friendly smartphone, give a second look at the devices on the bottom of the list – they will make perfect companions too.

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