Expert Tips on How To Get a Glowing Skin

Written By Alla Levin
February 19, 2021

Expert Tips on How To Get a Glowing Skin

Having glowing skin can make you feel more attractive and confident. It is every woman’s wish to have naturally glowing skin from within.

But when hormones and sun damage comes knocking at your door, then you have to look for ways to get your glowing skin back. You can achieve beautiful and glowing skin with the right lifestyle practices and skincare habits. Below are some excellent expert glow up tips for enhancing your natural glow.

Use a Mineral-Based Sunscreen

You must protect your skin from harmful UV rays. This is because they are the primary cause of texture, color changes, and even cancer. To protect your skin, ensure that you use a clean mineral-based sunscreen that contains active ingredients like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. The sunscreen acts as a physical barrier; therefore, it is essential to apply it as the final step of your morning routine.

Have a Skincare RoutineHave a Skincare Routine

When starting a skincare routine, begin by religiously buying products that suit your skin. Avoid buying products with harsh chemicals like sulfates, dyes, and parabens because they destroy your skin. The next step is to find that skincare routine that will leave your skin feeling smooth.

Layer your skin starting with the lightest products and end with the thickest. Beauty experts advise people to get more lightweight makeup as they are not prone to stress your skin.  Before buying makeup products, conduct a skincare type test. Also, it is an unspoken rule to remove your makeup before going to bed at night.

Face Massages

If you are looking to have glowing skin, then face massages can help you look alive. To massage your face, start by applying Vegan CBD oil or serum on your face and massage using your fingertips. 

The massage causes stimulation that helps to keep the blood moving, enhancing your whole complexion. The face has over 40 muscles, and the more you move them, the tighter and more toned they become, much like the other muscles in the body. You can do your facial exercise at any time of the day, morning or evening.

Drink Lots of Water

Did you think this tip wasn’t going to be here? Given that the human body is more than 60% water, it doesn’t surprise that water is the primary source of energy. Like any other part of the body, the skin requires proper hydration to perform its function correctly.

The dermis, found inside the skin, is responsible for holding the water molecules called hyaluronic acid. Loss of these water-holding molecules can cause the skin to dry out. Ensure that you drink at least eight water glasses and eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day to keep your skin moist.

One significant signal of healthy skin has a natural glow. Along with water and a proper diet, applying moisturizers is another excellent way of maintaining glowing skin. To ensure that you get and maintain that glowing skin, avoid spending lots of time in direct sunlight, avoid foods with high acidity, and don’t overdo your skin routines.

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