Appealing Places in France
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The Most Appealing Places in France

Medieval fortresses and steep shores inspired painters, seas of lavender and vineyards, picturesque fishing villages, and cosmopolitan resorts. It is not just a country but a world full of magic. These are the most beautiful places in France, let’s discover them, shall we?

Senanque Abbey, Provence

Lavender meadows that seem to stretch to infinity make Provence one of the most beautiful (and most fragrant) places in France. One of the most idyllic places to immerse yourself in flowery valleys is Senanque Abbey, a twelfth-century church where every spring, the brown, polished walls come in charming contrast to the lilac of the flowers.

Marqueyssac Gardens, DordogneMarqueyssac Gardens, Dordogne

Sculptures of deciduous trees and shrubs embrace a seventeenth-century chateau overlooking the Dordogne Valley. A setting that looks like it was taken from a fairy tale.

Etretat, Normandy

Steep shores in a majestic landscape that inspired Monte and is now photographed by millions of visitors from around the world. Over the centuries, the sea has sculpted natural sculptures on the rocks, with an elephant’s figure among the most recognizable figures.

Camargue, Provence

In the delta formed by the Mediterranean with two branches of the Rhone, the homonymous white horses gallop freely and over 400 species of birds – among them the now emblematic flamingos.

Cote de Granit Rose, Vretane

The Pink Granite Coast, as the name of the area translates into English, is truly breathtaking with its spectacular rocky ripples. The earth unfolds in all its diversity, from solid rocks that gild to fine pink sand, in constant conflict with the foams of the raging sea.

Campania, Ardennes

The birthplace of champagne is an area endowed with idyllic valleys and vineyards, ancient castles, mansions and abbeys, medieval cities, and underground cellars where the most exquisite wine of the world patiently matures.

Colmar, Alsace

Wooden houses, colorful facades, and canals bordered by endless rows of flowers make Colmar a model of Alsatian charm and lure for walks by the water that no one ever wanted to end.

French RivieraFrench Riviera

No other destination more faithfully reflects France’s splendor and historical luxury than the French Riviera, a meeting point for decades for famous people around the world, with expensive yachts rocking lazily in the turquoise waters villas with blooming gardens overlooking the lacy shores.

Chamonix Mont-Blanc

The top of Western Europe is the birthplace of mountaineering and a timeless hangout for winter sports enthusiasts. Every spring, the wild outline of the peaks softens from the flowers that flood these alpine meadows. But during the winter, the real beauty of this enchanting landscape of Chamonix Mont-Blanc unfolds, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy the walks on the fluffy snow with their ski boots, but also all these fantastic facilities of its winter resorts. Whatever your preference, trusting the company Nuco Travel, you have the opportunity to choose complete and affordable accommodation packages, to effectuate the ideal winter vacation that you have been waiting for a lifetime.

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy

Amidst endless sandy beaches and strong tides, alone and courageous towards all the elements of nature stands the imposing rocky island of Mont Saint Michel: a small medieval village with labyrinthine cobblestones, tiny houses, and an imposing abbey from 708 AD.

ZiverniAppealing Places in France

This small village on Normandy’s borders is famous mainly for the house and gardens of Monet that it hosts, open today to the public. The farmhouse is beautiful like a painting; the gardens with water lilies, weeping willows, wisteria, and the famous green bridge are like an impressionist painting.

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