Explainer Videos in the Healthcare
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How to Use Explainer Videos in the Healthcare?

Healthcare video production is an important segment of educational videos. Medical explainer videos are useful for laypeople, students, and medical practitioners. It all depends on the purpose and complexity of the material. Healthcare animation videos are often used to educate children about personal hygiene or teach them not to be afraid to go to the dentist.

Another important area where a properly selected healthcare explainer video does an excellent job is life and health insurance. Such information is considered boring. Therefore, many people do not even read contracts with insurance companies. Or read casually. Everyone will remember a summary of information that comes to life on the screen with a probability of about 90%. This is why we advise insurance companies, hospitals, and health centers to record an explainer animation video.

The pros of this approach

Among the advantages of information visualization are the following:

  • You can convey complex phenomena in a simple way, such as human anatomy;
  • It becomes easy to demonstrate the functionality of aids and appliances, home blood pressure monitors, new types of prostheses, and so on;
  • The brand will become more recognizable; it will begin to be associated with the characters in the video;
  • It is easy to show drugs in the form of molecules magnified many thousands of times;
  • Users are much more likely to share videos with friends than photos and text messages;
  • Any video posted on social media provokes viewers to interact. In this way, you organically grow a loyal audience.

If you plan to run interactive broadcasts where viewers write questions and the host can answer, then a series of introductory instructional videos is a must. People need to be on the subject, get interested before they come to you on live broadcasts.

Animated video is a trend that came to video production along with new technologies. In fact, its elements have always been present in videos based on traditional footage: splash screens, titles, design elements, maps, arrows, text explanations, messages, and others. This instructional video is better for children or if the video does not touch on socially sensitive topics.

You’d better shoot and edit a real video with actors’ participation if you need to convey emotions. For example, you want to increase the sales of insurance policies. You can shoot a video in which the athlete forgot to renew the insurance and was injured. Viewers will sympathize and immediately check that their insurance is still valid.

Explainer Videos in the Healthcare: Video infographicsVideo infographics

This method allows you to reveal the essence of complex projects quickly. Specific data and abstract ideas – infographics will be good for the former and the latter. Content and brevity. Systematization and ease of explanation. Infographics are also relevant when creating educational products.

An infographic presentation video about an operating company established in Uzbekistan under a production sharing agreement about an investment block and managing work on a gas field tells about the stages of a 35-year-old project, directions, and principles the company’s activities.

Creating animations based on slideshows

This is the easiest way to bring static characters to life. Slide-based videos allow for the interesting presentation of archival, historical photographs with relevant new data. You can also embed a short video into your presentation. Special services will help to make original transitions, and editing will not take much time.

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