8 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos For More Views

Written By Alla Levin
May 28, 2020

8 Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos For More Views

Many users who have a YouTube channel often wonder what they should do to increase their views. YouTube now ranks as the 2nd most-used social media platform, with 2 billion active users. Every day new users join this platform.

People can also find millions of content creators who upload their videos daily. YouTube provides videos on every topic, such as music, tutorial, comedy, art, and educational. With the popularity of videos soaring high every day, people can find various video-making tools online like youtube downloader.

After we shoot a video, we need to edit it as well. Uploading a raw video often fails to attract viewers. After uploading a video, most of us wait patiently to gain popularity. In most cases, this does not work. People need to spend time marketing and promoting their videos to gain popularity. Without running video ads, you will fail to meet your target audience. 

Best ways to promote your videos to gain extra views

We have compiled a few techniques and strategies to help you gain more views on your YouTube video. These tips work for almost every niche. 

Video Titlepromote your videos to gain extra views

People always ignore the strength of a good video title. Your video title can decide whether people will watch the video widely. First, you should do critical research on YouTube keywords.

This will assist you in gaining an idea about what viewers like to see in their video titles. Some points to keep in mind when creating a label for YouTube:

  • Make sure to keep them short and to the end;
  • Create a tag that can grab attention;
  • Add keywords to the beginning of the title, if possible;
  • You can use emotionally triggered words;
  • Also, make sure to use power such;
  • Include the current year, such as the best tips for 2020.

Video tagsBest ways to promote your videos to gain extra views

Most of the content creators fail to utilize video tags. Video tags play a significant role in your organic growth. YouTube tags work differently than blogging tags. People have the opportunity to go back and edit all the video tags. It is high time for you to start utilizing the video tags. Some rules for YouTube video tags are:

  • If you have a brand, then start using a unique brand tag. This will help users find your videos easily.
  • Use the main keywords as your tags for the video,
  • Research which tags rank higher and try to incorporate them into your video. 
  • Use various keywords as a tag and help from the YouTube auto-suggest feature. 

Opt for a custom thumbnailcustom thumbnail

If you have a verified YouTube account, take advantage of a custom thumbnail. A good thumbnail helps your video stand out and look good in the suggested video section. Few tips for making a YouTube thumbnail are:

  • The resolution should be 1280 x 720 with a minimum width of 640 pixels.
  • Make sure the thumbnail has a size under 2 MB.
  • Upload the thumbnail in png, jpeg, BMP, or gif.
  • Try to opt for an aspect ratio of 16:9, as most YouTube players and previews use it. 

Lastly, create a thumbnail that works well for both smartphones and desktops. 

Make sure to use intros and outros for branding

The intros and outros play an essential role in branding. Those who are looking for a promo video templates should visit InVideo. They have a variety of features available for users for free. Some of the features include graphics, transitions, and animation.

A YouTube intro often lasts for 3 to 5 seconds at the beginning of the video to showcase your brand. The YouTube outro runs at the end and shows the views related to videos from your channel and asks them to like, comment, and subscribe.

Share your video on other social media platforms

People should utilize their other social media platforms to promote YouTube videos. This way, you can create a community outside of YouTube. Help your traffic from other social media platforms view your video on YouTube. You can use various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Make sure you share your videos 10 to 15 times within the next eight months of uploading them on YouTube. 

Utilize your Call to Action

Most of the time, you must address the action you want your audience to take. At the beginning of the video or the middle, you can ask your audience to take actions such as like, commenting, or subscribing to your channel. Also, you can ask the audience to share your video with their loved ones. This way, you can gain more viewers and increase your YouTube subscriber count.

Interview influencers in your niche

This is another way to promote your channel and attract an audience to watch your videos. If you have a good community in your niche, then try to organize an interview with an influencer.

This way, you can grab the attention of many viewers and the whole industry will start noticing you. Use other video calling apps to set up an interview with an influencer and Livestream on YouTube.

Promote YouTube Videos: Post on the YouTube community

Slowly YouTube is building a social network, and you can post your video using the post-to-community feature. Click on the + icon on the YouTube mobile app or web and click create a post.

Then you need to type a message and include the link to the video you would like to promote. To make it more engaging, try to have a poll or a gif. People can comment and like your post, and it helps with audience engagement. By following the points mentioned above, one can promote YouTube videos with ease. They don’t cost any extra money, and you will benefit from them.

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