3 Hot Style Trends Your Favorite Celebrities are Showcasing in 2021

Written By Alla Levin
April 16, 2021

Hot Style Trends Your Favorite Celebrities are Showcasing in 2021

The hottest style trends of 2021 are all about self-expression, fun, and timeless fashion. In fact, we’re already seeing many of them displayed by everyone, from A-list stars like Rihanna and Lady Gaga to trendsetters like Margot Robbie and Dua Lipa.

While you don’t want to jump on every fad, it sometimes makes sense to take a page out of the book of some of these influencers. Indeed, each of these women has offered up some amazing looks over the years that can serve as inspiration as you look to refresh your closet.

Of course, you don’t have to copy them exactly. The best bet is to follow your own style, mix in some top trends, and use stylish celebrity outfits as a jumping-off point to find something that works for you. As you make some of your next shopping choices, consider incorporating the following three trends into the mix this year. 

Apparel on the Wild Side

This year, many celebrities are walking the streets on the wild side. Yes, animal prints are back in action — and you need not look any farther than style icon Rihanna to see exactly why. It fits the Savage X Fenty founder to step out in a leopard print coat, and celebrities like Lady Gaga have followed suit this year. Go for some claws and paws as you start to step out in 2021.

Loud, Colorful BagsColorful Bags

Big, bulky, colorful bags are taking over this year. In fact, lime green has already been seen on the streets on the shoulder of Selena Gomez, and Vogue caught up with Dua Lipa sporting a “plush purse” that, in her own words, is a bag puffy enough to “double up for a pillow fight in a moment’s notice.” Of course, you don’t have to go with green if that’s not your thing. Neon orange, fluorescent, and many other unmistakable shades all make great options. Just make sure it pops!

On-Trend Classics

If you didn’t already notice, a range of classics are being elevated and leaned into right now. Modified trench coats, for example, have become on-trend. Then there are little black dresses, which seem to always be in style and have been seen in recent years on everyone from Margot Robbie and Chrissy Teigen to Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. With a timeless classic that offers the utmost versatility — you can dress these hot, little numbers up or down — you really can never go wrong.

Showing Out for Every Event in 2021

For most people, 2021 will be a year of revival. Indeed, we’re all soon hoping to be back living a more normal life — and it will be great to be out there again looking our best while we reconnect with the people we love.

For those of us who will be enjoying good times in the sun, every outing this summer is sure to feel like an event, so make sure to treat it that way. Show your animalistic nature with some big cat prints. Be loud with colorful bags and accessories. And don’t forget about the classics, like a little black dress that can stun in pretty much any setting.

After spending countless days inside this past year wearing sweatpants, now is the time to make things count. Get excited to start investing in a few key wardrobe upgrades now, so you can rock the hottest trends that your favorite celebrities have already made hot for 2021.

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