7 of the Greatest Jewelry Tips for Women

Written By Alla Levin
April 26, 2021
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7 of the Greatest Jewelry Tips for Women

If you’re looking to spice up any outfit, jewelry is one of the easiest ways to accessorize. Whether you’re dressing up or down, properly styling jewelry can enhance your look. Though jewelry is a simple way to accent your outfit, it can be hard to know the best ways to enhance your look. Luckily, we have some jewelry tips that will help you look your best.

Learn How to Layer

Layering necklaces is one of the easiest ways to change up your look. Start with a mid-length necklace as your focal point, then add a longer-length necklace. Finish off the look with a choker-style chain, and you’re ready to go! This helps to create texture and dress up any look!

Balance Is Key jewelry tips for women

When it comes to jewelry, it’s best to balance pieces. Wearing a heavy earring with a statement necklace can look too busy and distracting. Instead, opt to create a balanced look. A loud necklace with simple studs keeps the focus on the statement piece, while the studs complement the necklace instead of drawing attention.

This handmade jewelry ranges from minimal designs to fun statement pieces, making it easy to wear and style.

Jewelry tips for women: Too Much?

There is such a thing as too much jewelry. Wearing heavy earrings, a statement necklace, layers of bracelets, and four rings can be excessive. This can end up making you look clunky or gaudy. When in doubt, choose one fun piece, and style the rest of your look around it.

Back to Basics

When in doubt, turn to your basic pieces. Whether you want to stick with your favorites or start with simplicity, the basics can be a useful foundation when styling jewelry. This allows you to accessorize still but without sacrificing looking stylish.

Find Your Focus

A loud outfit with statement jewelry may be too much to wear together. Like our previous jewelry tips, learning how to balance and pair clothing and jewelry is key. If you want your jewelry to be the focal point, opt for a simple outfit to draw attention to your accessories. If the goal is for your jewelry to highlight your look for the day, keep your pieces minimal. This ensures that your jewelry doesn’t distract from your outfit.

MaintenanceJewelry Tips for Women

Keeping your jewelry looking brand new is an effortless and simple way to stay fashionable. A tarnished necklace or bent ring can make your outfit look less than stellar. Learning how to clean your jewelry and properly storing your pieces can keep them from getting scratched, bent, and tarnished. This will help keep you looking chic.

Jewelry tips for women: Experiment!

These tips may seem restrictive, but at the end of the day, you determine your style. Experimenting with different kinds of jewelry can lead you to find some of your new favorite looks. Playing around with different types of jewelry lets you express yourself and discover what pieces you can’t live without.

Use These Jewelry Tips to Style Like a Pro

Whether your going to work, heading out for a night on the town, or going to a formal event, wearing jewelry is a simple way to look chic and stylish. Accessorizing with jewelry is a way to express yourself and show the world who you really are. If you liked these jewelry tips and are curious to learn other simple solutions, check out the rest of our blog for more!

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