How to Monetize Your Homemade Music

Written By Alla Levin
April 28, 2021
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How to Monetize Homemade Music

Music can be a great hobby but it can also be an even better career if you can make an income from it. What better way to work, than by utilizing your favorite hobby and performing for a living. The joy of selling your music or performing isn’t just that you are being paid for something you love but you are also entertaining other people and making them happier too.

Although it would be great to be discovered like Billie Eilish, it is far more likely you will make money from your music if you take it into your own hands and promote yourself at the beginning. Here is a rough guide to monetizing your homemade music. 

Get The Best Equipment

Once you start to develop the confidence and skills that are required to perform with style and flair, it’s time to invest in a range of the best quality equipment so that you can create the best quality recordings.

Attempting to create your music using old and worn-out tools that no longer match the standards of today’s listeners then you’ll no doubt find yourself in an extremely tricky situation, even if you have the best voice around. You need to put considerable effort into sourcing your equipment if you want your hard work to pay off, so there’s no time like the present to get started. 

Think about what kind of music you would like to create, as this should dictate which kind of instruments you need to purchase or source. You’ll more than likely need a good microphone, a guitar, a drum set, a keyboard or piano, and some kind of recording device as a bare minimum.

It’s also a good idea to research additional tools that can help to take your music to a whole new level, such as the best looper pedal on the market. The more tools you have, the better your recorded music will end up spending.

First, you need to practice

Before you can start thinking of making money from live performances you need to practice your instrument. Practicing guitar chords will make you more likely to make money from two particular avenues; live performing and session musician hire.

Being a session musician won’t help you monetize your own music but it is a realistic way to make money with music and it will get your profile known in the local music industry which in turn, opens doors for your own music.

Live performing will also let you hone your skills but this time you can play your own music. One way, to practice and make some pocket money is to busk. Many musicians have started this way, and there is no substitute for putting yourself out there.

Use social media to your advantagePracticing guitar chords

You are unknown, and even if your homemade compositions are incredible you won’t get anywhere without a bit of advertising. Social media marketing is very important and you can use the same method that brands use to promote yourself.

Open accounts on the biggest networks, that is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You will need to be prepared to put some work in to raise your profile and if you find there is too much to cover then use fewer platforms.

The biggest search engine after Google is YouTube and you definitely want to use this. You can create your own channel, upload videos, provide monologues for your fan base, play unfinished tracks, and really grow a fan base here. 

Use dedicated music platforms to share and collaborate

Using a platform such as SoundCloud can help you to promote yourself. There are several benefits to using this platform. Not only can you listen to other aspiring musicians but you can message them too. You can upload your music to share and get feedback. But, the best thing about SoundCloud for anyone ready to release their music is that you can promote and sell it through the platform.

If you are looking for collaborators or want to find other people in the music industry to try different options for releasing your music you can try Vampr. It has been described as a Tinder for musicians but it’s basically a social media platform that allows music industry workers and musicians to get in touch with each other. 

How to monetize homemade music: perform at your own gigs or as supporthow to monetize homemade music

Part of being a musician is performing live. For many fans, seeing live music beats listening to CDs or MP3s as the atmosphere cannot be matched. Plus there’s no draft beer at home. If you are planning to include some covers in your set, there are some good resources to improve your playing. Websites such as Chordify let you play along with Taylor Swift chords on a piano, guitar, or even a ukulele. If they don’t have the tracks you want to learn, you can even upload your own.

Once your playing is tight and you feel confident then it is time to start finding some gigs. Look for bars and other venues that host live music and blag your way in. Gigs sometimes pay and they will also give you a chance to be noticed. You can also sell your own CDs at the event. 

If you’re a DJ then put yourself out there

Of course, you might not play an instrument or be in a band. If you are into DJ’ing and creating electronic music then the same applies to any other musician. Get yourself known on the local scene and get guest spots, these will lead to paying gigs if you are good enough. It doesn’t matter what type of music you make or how you produce it. If it can be promoted online and played to audiences, it can be monetized in some way. 

How to monetize homemade music: summary

All aspiring musicians need a guide to help them on their path to being professional. Making revenue from music isn’t the easiest way to make a living but if you have the talent, the dedication, and some luck it is certainly possible. Gigging, social media, and platforms such as SoundCloud can all help you to raise your profile, promote and sell your music.

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