Сanmodule: How to Secure the Car

Written By Alla Levin
May 21, 2021

Сanmodule: How to Secure the Car    

Security systems Canmodule — devices to ensure the safety of the car. With the help of such constructions, a car owner can prevent possible illegal actions of intruders—for example, electronics or vehicle theft.

One of the most popular and long-standing ideas for car protection lies at the heart of such a modern security tool as a Canmodule immobilizer. This is the device that helps to block the car. Today, those who intend to create a serious security complex for a car need to purchase an immobilizer. It does not generate sound or light signals but, silently, does not allow the hijacker to start the car. It is quite troublesome, if not impossible, to determine its presence in a car visually. In the same way, disabling the immobilizer is a challenging task.

Subtleties of protection

An electronic device Canmodule for interrupting the start of the engine does not allow the car to be stolen even after access to it. In particular, some immobilizers can open the vehicle’s electrical circuits that provide ignition or fuel supply. Others suggest using CAN to block engine start. But globally, everything is pretty similar — to exclude the possibility of starting the engine for independent movement.

The presence and operation of the immobilizer in the car are completely invisible to the owner himself. Likewise, the Canmodule during normal trips remains invisible to the owner. Commonly, unlocking is done with a key fob or a key — when it enters the ignition lock or within the recognition radius of the unit, and it will turn off the immobilizer to start the engine.

Key advantages and possible disadvantagesKey advantages and possible disadvantages

The Canmodule installed in the car provides obvious advantages of operation:

  • It becomes the ground for a sufficient level of protection against potential theft without the necessity for additional installation.
  • In this case, the general grade of protection directly depends on the type of specific immobilizer, the place, and the specifics of its placement.

In this case, the rule is rather logical — the easier it is to access the equipment, the easier it will be to turn it off. A similar circumstance is due to the key drawback in the operation of the standard immobilizer — due to the built-in unlock chip directly in the standardized key.

How to secure the car: how to get the best security

Normally a canmodule is supposed to block the starter, ignition, fuel pump, onboard computer, steering. Rather easy to install and configure blocking. A non-standard approach to car protection is recommended — with unconventional locks that significantly complicate the hijackers’ lives. For more effective protection, it is urgent to get the help of qualified installation centers to work with specialists who understand the prevention of the basic acts of the hijackers.

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