How to Pass SHL Test – What You Need to Know

Written By Alla Levin
June 23, 2021

How to Pass SHL Test – What You Need to Know

Nearly all companies in the Forbes 500 list conduct SHL tests before they hire someone. The tests mostly target graduates seeking employment in any top company within the UK. Candidates are tested on their personality, behavior, and abilities. 

You can take the psychometric tests like the IQ Global Test in a language of your choice, although you will be limited to a choice of 30 languages.. SHL tests are important to companies that are looking for specific skills in their candidates required to fill leadership positions immediately or in the future. 

What to know about SHL tests

Employers require the graduate to sit for SHL tests because they are looking for specific qualifications that go beyond an academic certificate. The tests are different and employers choose the test that will help them get a candidate that will fit into their specific need. 

Before attempting the tests, candidates should first study and take the SHL general test sample available online. The tests’ goal is to check a candidate’s reasoning capacity in terms of verbal, numerical, inductive, and deductive reasoning. 

Inductive reasoning tests your ability to reason logically and you will be presented with 25 questions that you must answer within 25 minutes. You will be required to recognize the flow of patterns in a certain set and correctly pick out the next. The deductive test aims to test if you are capable of making arguments logically and making logical conclusions. 

Test for verbal reasoning is composed of 30 questions that test your ability to comprehend verbal conversation, while the numerical reasoning test deals with your capacity to analyze charts and graphs accurately. You will have 18 questions that you must finish within 25 minutes. 

In general, SHL tests will test your cognitive abilities, skills, your behavior, and personality. You will be required to sit for at least two tests before you get hired. The company will email you links for the tests and you will be given a deadline that can extend up to two weeks. To proceed to the next test, you must score well as per the test expectations. 

SHL Tests – how to passSHL Tests – how to pass

The SHL tests are stricter and tougher compared to other tests because they involve people seeking a higher position in a company during recruitment or promotion. You must take them seriously and do every question carefully. These tips will help you pass the SHL tests. 

How to pass SHL test: take more than enough practice tests

You have higher standards set before you and you must achieve the standards and go beyond if possible. Do not hesitate to practice SHL tests online as many times as you can. A lot of practice will help you familiarize yourself with question styles and the type of questions that might be challenging to you. 

Do not shy away from the paid online SHL tests because they will give you deeper details about the tests and the questions covered in the paid SHL tests are close to what your employer will test you about. 

Your skills are important 

It might not be time to go back to college and retake your course once again, but what you will be looking for is to polish some basic skills like working with fractions, ratios, decimals, and how to interpret trends. You never know if similar questions might appear in the test and you want to be ready for anything. 

Practice on time management how to pass SHL test

Each section will have a series of questions that you must complete within a given time. You will be under pressure to finish the questions and this is one capability your employer will be looking for – if you can work under pressure and deliver. When taking the sample tests, time yourself and keep practicing until you manage the sample tests within time. 

Understand the instructions

Instructions are specific yet tricky if you fail to understand them. If you are told to explain, don’t highlight and if you are told to list, just do that. Most people fail tests because they failed to follow instructions or because they didn’t understand them. 

How to pass SHL test: Refuse help

You might be tempted to ask someone to sit with you as you do your SHL tests online but this will definitely backfire on you later. Most companies give an online test and another test within their premises later. 

If you relied on help from two or three people in phase one, they would not be anywhere near you in phase two and you might easily fail. Do the tests yourself and refuse to be helped by anyone except for the SHL sample tests. 

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