10 Essential Apps For Your Love Life

Written By Alla Levin
June 28, 2021

10 Essential Apps For Love Life

It’s fair to say that smartphones have touched every aspect of our lives. From communication to gaming and everything in between, our smartphones are never out of our hands, and they never leave our pockets when we leave the house.

This is especially true when it comes to dating. While websites like Match and eHarmony certainly revolutionized the dating space in the 1990s and 2000s, mobile apps have further transformed the world of dating, and it’s much harder to meet people through conventional means than ever. Here are 10 apps you need if you’re going to prioritize your love life.

Tinder (Google Play, App Store)Apps For Your Love Life

It’s the app that launched a thousand relationships (and a thousand more casual flings). Tinder has become synonymous with the world of mobile dating apps, and for a good reason. It’s got a clean, friendly interface, its swiping system is ingenious (if a little dehumanizing), and it’s a good way to help you meet like-minded individuals who are looking for the same things you are. Tinder is by far the most popular dating app on the market right now, as this cool little infographic from the folks over at Betway will show.

Apps for love life: Petfinder (Google Play, App Store)Apps for love life: Petfinder

People with pets are significantly more attractive to potential partners than those without pets. Whether you’re a dog person or you’re cat-crazy, Petfinder will match you with thousands of different animals in need of adoption across lots of shelters in your area. Not only are pets great for relationships, but they’re also excellent stress-busters, they make great companions, and they are darn adorable to boot. Remember that a pet is for life, though, so don’t make the commitment if you aren’t a hundred percent sure.

SideChef (Google Play, App Store)

Okay, so you’ve snagged that once-in-a-lifetime date, and you want to know what to cook for them when they come over. Alternately, you’ve been happily married or taken for a while, but you want to spice things up in the kitchen. That’s where SideChef comes in. It’ll help you decide what to make with your ingredients, make grocery lists for you to help you shop, and plan weekly meals, so you know what you’re eating ahead of time. Food is commonly referred to as an aphrodisiac, so you know SideChef makes sense.

Spotify (Google Play, App Store)streaming apps

Of all the streaming apps currently available on mobile devices, we’ve yet to find one that even comes close to toppling Spotify from its throne.

The app is smooth and intuitive, and while you may find many of its features espoused by its competitors, nothing brings them together so smoothly as Spotify. Any relationship, prospective or extant, will benefit hugely from a shared love of music, so sign up for a Spotify Duo plan and enjoy your favorite tunes together.

Words With Friends 2 (Google Play, App Store)

Sure, it’s a little corny, but who doesn’t love Scrabble? Playing Words With Friends 2 with your significant other or a prospective date is a great way to bond, as gaming helps build a connection.

If you’re not into word games, you could also try other mobile favorites like Fortnite, COD Mobile, or even single-player offerings like Monument Valley. Whatever gaming experience you go for, playing games on your mobile with your partner is an excellent way to strengthen your relationship.

Bumble (Google Play, App Store)Bumble

Another dating app akin to Tinder, Bumble, nevertheless has a few tricks up its sleeve. If you’re a man – and a decent man at that – then you’ll understand that women have to cope with a lot in the dating world. If you’re a woman, you may have experienced some of these issues yourself.

Bumble asks women to make the first move, placing the power in their hands and asking men to step back until they’re needed, in essence. It’s a necessary shift to the power dynamic and one that makes Bumble a more exciting prospect than its competitors.

Apps for love life: Lasting (Google Play, App Store)

This one’s more for those who are in a relationship but have run into some difficulties. If you don’t relish the thought of handing over all your troubles to an actual marriage counselor, then you may want to try Lasting, which has a series of lessons helping couples to communicate on issues ranging from intimacy to finance. It won’t be easy; you’ll need to confront some potentially deep-seated problems in your relationship, but you’ll emerge all the better for it.

Merge (App Store)

Again, this app is more for couples than single people (although you might find it helpful if you have housemates). Using Merge, you can create shared tasks for household members, including shopping lists, chores, and more. These tasks synchronize between devices and can be allocated to different people, making this app perfect if you’ve ever argued about whose responsibility certain things are. Unfortunately, Merge isn’t available on Android devices, so if you’re a Google Play user, you’re out of luck.

MyFitnessPal (Google Play, App Store)

Getting fit can help you become more confident in your love life. You don’t have to be insanely buff; your goal can just be achieving a personal level of fitness that’s satisfying to you.

If you’re single and looking for love, or if you’re in a relationship and looking to rekindle that initial spark, getting fit might give you the mental boost required. MyFitnessPal logs exercise, calorie intake, and other metrics, giving you a fair and balanced impression of your fitness journey.

Apps for love life: HoneyFi (Google Play, App Store)

Money is one of the most common causes of disagreements and arguments between couples. If you’re in a relationship and budgeting has been a worry for you, then you should check out HoneyFi.

This app allows you to make joint budgeting decisions with your partner. It’ll ask you what kind of spending patterns you have, then tailor its advice and features to match. You’ll never need to worry about what you’re spending or how you’re managing money between you again.

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