Myth About Habit Formation And Its Relation To Educational Activities

Written By Alla Levin
November 01, 2019

The 21 Day Myth About Habit Formation And Its Relation To Educational Activities

There is no doubt you have heard a lot about habit formation in 21 days. Even though so many people talk about it, this is actually a myth.

Yet, it is easy to understand why so many people believe it: changing your life in three weeks seems very inspiring.

No matter whether you want to start running in the morning or getting better at studying, the process of forming a habit is a bit more complex than that.

If you want to perfect the art of writing an education essay, what you need to do is to practice as often as possible. The more time you allocate on education essay writing, the better your skills are going to become.

However, the forming of a habit in regards to writing an education essay may take you longer than 21 days.

Besides, your main goal should be to master the art of education essay writing and educational activities, and not to craft the biggest amount of education essay papers you can think of. There is an education essay writing service for that.

How long it takes to form a habit

According to a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes a bit more than two months to form a new habit and make it automatic.

So, it takes 66 days on average. However, a lot depends on the motivation of a person, the number of times one repeats that action or activity, as well as on the behavior of a person willing to form a new habit.

Speaking about studying, you can master the skill of writing a unique education essay in a few weeks while other students require months or even years to improve their education essay writing skills.

Most of them address their requests to a reliable education essay writing service to get high-quality assistance.

Phases of habit formationan education essay

The formation of a new habit comprises three main phases. The harder you work during each of these stages, the faster you will form a new habit.

  1. Phase 1. The Honeymoon

During this stage, you typically feel like it is super easy to form a new habit, and you can do anything. While having such an attitude is advantageous, it does not last long.

Besides, sooner or later, the honeymoon ends, and you need to get down to work.

  1. Phase 2. The Fight Through

This is a tough period. You will be struggling a lot during this phase. The key aspect during this period of time is to keep fighting even if it feels like you are failing. The following techniques often come in handy:

  • Ask yourself: How will I feel after I do this? How will I feel if I don’t do this? Your answers will help you determine what steps to take next.
  • Recognize the phase. You need to fully realize that you are in a tough situation at the moment and that it is not going to be easy. Recognizing it does wonders because it helps you move forward.
  • Practise projection. Using this technique helps you see the outcome as well as reminds you why you have started forming a new habit in the first place.
  • What you need to do is to imagine in detail how your life is going to change once you have acquired a new skill or have formed a new habit.
  1. Phase 3. Second nature.

When you enter this phase, a new habit becomes rather common. Thus, it feels like second nature to you. You are no longer struggling. Instead, you are actually enjoying yourself.

What this indicates is that you have made it. You have successfully formed a new habit. However, do not forget that one can get easily discouraged during this phase, which is the reason why it is important to keep repeating the activity as often as possible until it becomes fully automatic.

Educational Activities: habit formation and the studying processEducational Activities

When it comes to studying and educational activities, not every student has essential study skills that help them deal with an assignment effectively. It may sound weird, but studying is also a habit that you can form if you spend enough time and effort.

Surely, addressing your request to an education essay writing service seems like a more beneficial option. Yet, mastering your research and writing skills will be advantageous for you in the long run.

The whole process does not differ much, no matter what kind of new habit you are currently trying to form. Work on the skills you are willing to improve every single day, even if you can only spend 30 minutes on it.

For instance, write a part of an essay if you want to improve your essay writing skills. Start with writing an introduction, for example. Soon you will see that the more introductory paragraphs you write, the more original and unconventional they become.

Then, you will also notice that it does not take you long to craft an impressive essay as it has become your second nature. Forming a habit takes time. A lot of time. The more determined you are, the more chances to succeed you have.

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