How to Choose a Call Center Outsourcing Provider?

Written By Alla Levin
September 15, 2021

How to Choose a Call Center Outsourcing Provider?

How long have you been looking for a call center outsourcing provider? If the answer is long enough, you have to narrow down the candidates and select the best match.

The quest for the best contact center can be daunting, given the vast selection of such providers online. Companies are advised to follow a list of factors while evaluating the quality of candidates, such as security, cost, location, and their corporate needs.

We hope the tips below will lead you to the best provider.

Consider your business needs

The initial aspect to take into account when hiring such a provider is your business needs. Not all call centers offer the same services and are of the same size. For instance, some providers offer just inbound services, whereas others focus solely on outbound calling. In most cases, businesses are recommended to hire a center that delivers both. Find out more about the history and technology of call centers.

Furthermore, certain providers impose a minimum volume of calls on companies, which is supposed to reach your requirements. It’s paramount to inspect the offered services beforehand, even though your intention isn’t to use the entire package right from the start.

Nevertheless, your business is likely to grow and require the addition of new services in the future. As long as the provider is capable of scaling with you, there is no reason for concern.

Check securityHow to Choose a Call Center Outsourcing Provider

The speedy development of modern technology has brought about an increased number of data breaches. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance for businesses to hire an outsourcing provider with a high-end security system, given it’s the most effective way of protecting customers’ personal information.

Call centers usually offer either a cloud-based or an on-site system. While the former is more convenient and cost-effective, the latter is considered more secure.

Additionally, companies are suggested to analyze the security measures of each provider, particularly when opting for the cloud-based model. There is also a series of questions for clients to ask related to customer data storage, data access, system update and maintenance, monitoring procedures, possession of security certificates, past security breaches, etc.

Consider the cost

Another vital aspect to factor in when choosing such an outsourcing provider is the cost of service. The cost of call center outsourcing services is based upon the needs of customers.

Your budget and requirements play a crucial role when comparing prices. Despite the choice of low-cost options in the market, there is no point in compromising performance to save money. Unless the hired operators are top performers, you shouldn’t hope for positive results.

Moreover, the leading factors affecting the cost structure include the number of seats, agents’ expertise, the length of the contract, current labor market rate, and call volume. For instance, the momentary labor market rate influences the price of these services, as it tends to change from time to time.

When the demand for operators is high but the supply is low, the rates are unsurprisingly higher. Conversely, when the demand drops but the supply increases, the rate goes down.

If looking for lower rates, you should think about outsourcing to countries where these services are in demand. Most businesses look at countries where Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is an in-demand job, such as the Philippines and India. The call center industry in these countries is expected to grow even further in the years to come.

The call volume is of absolute significance in the calculation process, as it directly correlates with the number of agents necessary to perform the operations. The average handling time, along with any extra services, increases the costs.

Don’t forget the locationHow to Choose a Call Center Outsourcing Provider

The most significant factor in your search for a provider is the location. Businesses are provided with two alternatives, either choosing a center in their own country or somewhere overseas. Most companies are appealed by the idea of collaborating with an offshore call center due to the lower costs. Anyhow, there are certain risk factors you should bear in mind before making such a decision.

For example, you should start by learning more about the government and politics of the country, as some countries show signs of political instability and impose strict rules. Also, the country’s safety matters, as you won’t benefit from doing business with a provider in an unprosperous country.

Last but not least, language barriers are of great value Call center representatives are supposed to speak the native language of clients fluently for customers not to get frustrated. Follow this URL,, to discover whether you should outsource to an offshore call center.

Call Center Outsourcing: The bottom line

When hiring a call center, you will be spoiled for choice. Quality, not cost, is what matters the most!

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