What Questions Should I Ask a Wedding Photographer

Written By Alla Levin
October 13, 2021

What Questions Should I Ask a Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is as important as choosing a lawyer or a doctor.

What to wear for the photoshoot

At the meeting, you will explain to the master what kind of result you would like to get. He, in turn, should tell you a rough plan of action. Moreover, based on your wishes, a photographer from Liam Smith Photography can advise you on what to wear to achieve the most harmonious image in photos.

How long does processing take?

Perhaps you are planning a photoshoot to submit your photos for a contest. Or you want to send your photos to a family member or loved one. In this case, you expect your order to be ready by a certain deadline.

To avoid being in an unpleasant situation when the competition is about to begin and the photographer has not even started processing your photos, clearly stipulate the deadline for the finished work and write the final date in the contract.

How do the photos get processed?How do the photos get processed

Usually, some of the brightest and most successful photos are retouched, and the rest undergo light and color correction. If you want all of your photos retouched, tell your photographer about it, but be prepared for the service price to increase dramatically.

How many photos will we get?

Don’t forget to specify how many prints you will get. Most of the time, it’s 10-15. The rest are electronically on disk, flash drive, email, or in the cloud. Maybe you will find useful the article “34 questions to ask a photographer.

Can you recommend a makeup artist, hairdresser, florist, or organizer?

More often than not, a photographer will recommend a particular hairstylist and makeup artist to his clients. And it’s not about personal gain. The hair and makeup specialists that your photographer recommends will make sure that you look perfect in this setting, with this lighting, in this outfit. Remember – the makeup in the photo is not tweaked; it remains as the makeup artist made it. The same goes for your hair.

Do we need any special preparation for the photoshoot?

Each masterworks in his own way. Someone asks to bring only a smile and a good mood to the photo session. Someone offers the models to practice posing in front of the mirror beforehand and figure out which poses are the most comfortable and relevant. It all depends on the photographer and the situation. So be sure to clarify the question about additional training.

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Do you provide any accessories for the shoot?Do you provide any accessories for the shoot

If it’s a themed shoot, more often than not, the model uses her own accessories. But for studio shoots, most photographers have their own arsenal that they actively use to create a certain atmosphere in their shots. Talk to your master and decide which props would be more comfortable for you to use.

What Questions Should I Ask a Wedding Photographer: What kind of equipment do you use?

A camera is just a tool for taking pictures. The main work during the photoshoot is done by the photographer. This is why many masters do not work well with their older professional cameras and only change the lenses.

After all, even the most modern camera in the hands of an inept beginner automatically turns into a cheap “soapbox.” But still, having high-quality equipment (camera, lighting equipment) is considered an indicator of experience and professionalism, and a responsible attitude to their work.

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